July 2019

Complete Crash Course on Protein Shakes

When the first protein powder, Hi-Proteen, hit the stores in the 1950’s, it was made from soy flour and the taste was notoriously bad. Nevertheless, bodybuilders flocked to this protein powder as an easy way to get the nutrients they need to build muscle.  Now almost seven decades later in 2019, there are hundreds of varieties of protein powder, and the market has expanded far beyond just bodybuilders. Discover differences between the many types of protein and how you can [...]

How to Use Protein to Build Muscle Mass

From the time they’re little kids, many men grow up wanting a muscular physique. While this comes naturally for some and seems impossible for others, there are tried and true ways to maximize your muscle. Protein plays a major role, but consuming it isn’t enough to see the definition you want in your muscles. Discover what you must do to grow muscle and why protein is necessary for making it happen.  Why Choose to Build Muscle?  Almost everyone grows up with [...]

June 2019

Signs That You’re Not Getting Enough Protein

A recent study suggested a less widely known problem with the diets of Americans– We’re not getting enough protein. Whether you’re a highly active athlete or someone who’s just trying to stay healthy, protein is vital to our performance and ability to function. Discover what happens when you’re not consuming enough protein and which symptoms you’re likely to notice. Protein Isn’t Just for Bodybuilders One of the biggest myths involving protein is that only those who are obsessed with building [...]

Power Shakes, Bowls, and Creative Ways to Get More Protein

Do you feel like you get enough protein in your diet? As a general rule, women should consume at least 49g a day and men should have at least 63g of protein, but there are circumstances where you might want more to help you achieve your fitness goals. For example, if you’re pregnant, on a low-carb diet like keto, or you’re trying to build muscle, then the standard amount of protein simply won’t be enough. Discover creative ways to [...]

May 2019

How to Get Enough Protein for Peak Performance

Many people assume they get enough protein in their normal, everyday diets, but is it enough to accomplish your fitness goals? If you’re on keto, are you consuming enough protein to balance out the fats you need to stay in ketosis? For those trying to build muscle, protein is mandatory, but what’s the ideal amount you need for your body weight? Discover the answers to those questions and more as we explore why you need protein, how much, and [...]

April 2019

An Essential Crash Course on Protein

Forming the key ingredient in a wide range of fitness plans, protein is consumed to gain muscle, lose weight, and help maintain a healthy body. No matter what diet you follow, you won’t accomplish your goals without it. With so much attention placed on this ever-popular yet necessary macronutrient, protein has become the sole focus of bars, powders, supplements, and beverages. Discover the basics of protein and how it helps you attain the body you truly desire. What is [...]

Year of Fitness: Creating the Ultimate Home Gym

Did you know that 80% of Americans with a gym membership don’t end up going? Whether they’re deterred by the crowded, noisy atmosphere or hate waiting for their favorite machine, a lot of people waste their hard-earned money on gym memberships they never use. The same can be said for other fitness options, from yoga memberships to contracts with CrossFit or a martial arts studio. To avoid this problem, save money and gain the freedom to workout how and [...]

Year of Fitness: Sports Are More than Just a Workout

Were you one of the 75% of people who played sports as a kid and teen? If so, it’s likely that you attained lifelong rewards and epic memories that your non-playing peers never experienced. The benefits for teens who play sports are significant and include discipline, social experience, and the feeling of having others rely on their success. With so many proven benefits to playing sports, why do only 25% of adults continue playing after they leave school? Sports [...]

March 2019

Year of Fitness – Swimming for Intense Water Workouts

Did you know that over 27 million Americans choose swimming as their primary source of fitness? With over 309,000 public swimming pools in America not including lakes and beaches, there are lots of opportunities to get in your workout by swimming. Whether you’re good enough to join a swim team or never really learned to swim properly, working out in the water can provide a serious, low-impact workout that’s gentle on your joints. Discover the techniques, tips, and options [...]

Year of Fitness – Get Your 10,000 Steps Each Day

Once in a blue moon, a product comes along that is so innovative and clever that it redefines an entire industry. When Fitbit went public in 2015, it was already poised to become the gamechanger it currently is. Now with over 25 million Americans actively using their Fitbit and accompanying app to track their fitness progress, it’s clear that the Fitbit is a phenomenal invention that has led millions to take their workouts more seriously. What is the Fitbit [...]

February 2019

Year of Fitness – Conquering Trails in the Sun

When was the last time you exercised outside? With the benefits from the sun, fresh air, and virtually limitless possibilities, committing to a workout regimen in the outdoors can be just the thing to take your fitness to the next level. There are hundreds of sports and ways to burn calories in the outdoors, but hiking is one that’s universal and available in every city in the world. Learn more about the adventure and fitness advantages that come from [...]

Year of Fitness – Acclimating to Gym Life

Have you sworn to get serious about going to the gym, but something about the experience makes it too difficult? If that question brings up thoughts about how much you hate the gym, then there may be some reason for your aversion. Is it the intimidating people who look like they’ve never missed a workout day in their life? Or perhaps the oddly-shaped equipment makes you feel confused and out of place. Explore many of the greatest benefits to [...]