What's the deal with Woo-Woo Wellness?

One look at the AwakenWithJP satirical YouTube channel and you will be either laughing, a little offended, or just more informed about the woo-woo aspect of new age wellness.  JP Sears, one of the newest YouTubers to find fame on the platform, has taught us all about woo-woo lifestyle through his videos.  In an age where instead of just going to the doctor for your health, you can go online and find a plethora of wellness options, from the chiropractor to yoga to energy medicine to shamanism to sound healing to everything else that’s out there. With so many options, it often seems we are being inundated with a lot of potential woo-woo.  

What is Woo-Woo?

Woo-woo wellness has become a buzzword for the belief systems that some of us can’t quite subscribe to, and others of us tote around as dogma.  It can be used to describe when people are buying into something just because it is becoming popular in certain communities and edging its way into the mainstream.  

Discovering whether something is too woo-woo for you takes an adventurous curiosity, a "don’t knock it 'til you try it" attitude, and then an internal discernment based on that experience.  In the article “Wellness Woo-Woo or Wellness Woo-Hoo? A yoga skeptic goes on a three-day yoga retreat,” Megan O’Neill describes her journey from woo-woo skepticism to woo-hoo this is pretty interesting when you dive into the experience of it.  

There is a whole new world out there. Now more than ever, people are trying and converting to new and different forms of belief, practicing spirituality and wellness in new and innovative ways.  While the past has seen Western cultures think in terms of reductionism and science, or a specific faith like Christianity, the future offers new approaches to spiritual well-being.  To open ourselves to new concepts that are not always easily experienced or part of our heritage as a society can first create skepticism or a tight defense of current beliefs or facts.

But if we open our boundaries and realize we are not fighting a war or defending a fortress, then we can potentially play like a child in the myriad diversity that is arising in the world today.  There are so many interesting and fantastical new tastes to explore, sift through, and utilize, in order to find and distill our own beliefs to their essence.

We might find ourselves on a journey to wellness we never thought possible, giving us the opportunity to practice honoring each other’s uniqueness and diversity of beliefs.  What works for one may not work for another. At Bhu, we believe that wellness starts with a healthy diet. Our protein cookies and bars are made to help you reach your full potential and transform woo-woo into a lifestyle. Find what works for you and expand from there.