May 2019

How to Get Enough Protein for Peak Performance

Many people assume they get enough protein in their normal, everyday diets, but is it enough to accomplish your fitness goals? If you’re on keto, are you consuming enough protein to balance out the fats you need to stay in ketosis? For those trying to build muscle, protein is mandatory, but what’s the ideal amount you need for your body weight? Discover the answers to those questions and more as we explore why you need protein, how much, and [...]

April 2019

An Essential Crash Course on Protein

Forming the key ingredient in a wide range of fitness plans, protein is consumed to gain muscle, lose weight, and help maintain a healthy body. No matter what diet you follow, you won’t accomplish your goals without it. With so much attention placed on this ever-popular yet necessary macronutrient, protein has become the sole focus of bars, powders, supplements, and beverages. Discover the basics of protein and how it helps you attain the body you truly desire. What is [...]

February 2018

Mastering Your Macros on the Keto Diet

If you’re serious about maintaining a diet that helps you achieve your fitness goals, then you’ve probably heard the term macros. Macros simply refer to the macronutrients you need to thrive and function, and they include three types of nutrients: Fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Depending on your fitness goals you need a different combination of each of these macros. Explore where to find your macros and the ratio of macros you’ll need while on keto to get the most [...]