Frequently Asked Questions

A. Unfortunately, we do not have this as an option right now. We do offer several variety pack options including a Variety 10 pack which includes 1 bar of each flavor, a Primal Variety pack including 4 bars of each primal flavor, a Vegan Variety pack including 2 bars of each vegan flavor, and a 14 pack including 2 bars each of our original 7 flavors. Please visit to view all of the yummy options!

A. We Use 3 types of protein for our Bars: Whey Protein (Primal Bars), Egg White Protein (Paleo Bars), and Pea Protein (Vegan Bars).

Our whey protein is a concentrate. It comes from Grass-Fed cows and is also RGBH-free whey protein (artificial growth hormone-free) . The idea of using Grass-Fed cows is that the resulting product will be free of growth hormones, harmful antibiotics and steroid hormones such as testosterone.

Our Pea protein is USDA certified organic. Pea protein, especially important for vegan diets, is a low-carb, plant based, hypoallergenic protein supplement derived from peas. It contains iron and essential amino acids, is easily digested, and assists the body with muscle recovery and blood sugar circulation.

Egg White protein is high quality source of protein that is a staple in the Paleo diet. Paleo refers to anything that is free of legumes, grains, or dairy.

A. For orders of 1-7 caddies we ship with USPS Priority Flat Rate. Once you place your order, please allow 1-4 Business days for processing and 2-3 Business days for shipping.

For orders of 8 caddies or more we ship with UPS Ground. Once you place your order, please allow 1-4 business days for processing and up to 5 Business days for shipping.

A. Our bars are sold individually in Vitamin Shoppe’s nationwide. Keep in mind that each store varies with what flavors they carry. Please visit to find the closest store to you! We do not sell bars individually from our website, however, we do offer a Variety 10 pack that includes 1 bar of each flavor so you can try all of our bars at once.

A. Our bars are sweetened with Monk Fruit (a melon-like gourd) and Prebiotic Tapioca Fiber to keep them naturally low on the glycemic index. We use zero cane sugar, sugar alcohols, or artificial flavors.

Natural sweeteners like the monk fruit contain no calories or carbohydrates, are easily digested, and do not produce an insulin spike when absorbed into the bloodstream. Sugar alcohols, although not artificial, can wreak havoc on your gut and digestive system. They also cause insulin spikes which contribute to hypoglycemia, weight gain, diabetes, and metabolic disease.

If you’d like to see our ingredients and nutrition facts please visit: . We have received feedback from many customers who have dietary restrictions (including diabetes) that have stated our bars are the only bars that don’t spike their blood sugar or cause any adverse reactions.  With this being said, we are not physicians, so if you have dietary constrictions or concerns please consult your doctor and reference our ingredient lists/nutrition facts.

A. We always use the same amount of chips in each batch. We do our best, but unfortunately the same amount does not always make it into each bar due to how the machine works. Through trial and error, we have recently switched to a larger size of chocolate chips to help solve this issue.

A. Each bar contains different ingredients like organic virgin coconut oil or organic red palm oil that are affected by the climate causing them to solidify and melt at certain temperatures. For example, if it’s a hot day, the oil in the bars may separate like an all-natural peanut butter would. Since our bars do not contain any preservatives or stabilizers, this is a natural occurrence due to fluctuations of temperature. It does not indicate that there is anything wrong with the bar, it is totally fine to eat! We recommend storing the bars in a cool, dry area for best results.

A. Ultimately we need to earn your trust. You can rely on the information on our packaging because our products are all lab tested. We are not for everyone – we are for someone. We are passionate about every single ingredient, every batch and every conversation. We hope we are for you. We are a small but proud group and we apologize if we seem too good to be true. It shouldn’t be that way. We are just being Bhu!

A. Our healthy protein bars are 100% free of cane sugar. Our mission is to help wean people off of sugar so we wouldn’t think of adding sugar to our bars.

A. We sweeten the bars with prebiotic tapioca fiber and monk fruit. Neither spikes insulin. Just listen—your body will thank you. Taste buds too!

A. Our bars are gluten free.

A. Our bars are 100% grain free.