Laura Katleman

Servant in Chief

I grew up in Park Forest, Illinois surrounded by forest on three sides. I was a huge tomboy, always building forts with the boys, climbing trees, and swinging on vines across the creek in the summer. I remember one huge snowstorm that kept us out of school for a week. There was so much snow that the whole neighborhood built a system of tunnels in the street. At Bhu, our people are our treasure. I love being part of a team of amazing souls who are passionate about coming to work everyday to anchor light on the planet and make people’s lives happier and healthier in all ways. When I’m not at Bhu I love meditating, hiking, rock climbing and spending time with my daughter.

Rigoberto Aguilar

I’m from Guadalajara, Mexico but came to the U.S. as a teenager to follow my dreams. In my free time, I like to spend time with my family and play soccer with my friends. I love my job and I like to work hard every day to accomplish my day successfully. My biggest goal in life is to buy a house near the beach.

Jamie Collaro

Happiness Advocate

I was born and raised in Southern California – when I moved to San Diego for college I fell in love with the area, and never left! Working at Bhu is my dream come true! I love helping to cultivate a positive, fun, and collaborative company culture. Outside of work I enjoy practicing yoga, rock climbing, collecting succulents, and trying new vegan restaurants.


Hello! My names Ray and I’m a native of sunny San Diego, Ca. Since joining Bhu Foods I have had nothing but positive experiences! I work with an amazing team of people who bring their best each and everyday, not only in serving all of our Bhu tribe, but also in providing a fun, productive work environment for all of us to be successful and thrive in. Along with these experiences I have found a job that is very rewarding. Everyday I know that I’m helping to create something healthy, delicious, and environmentally friendly not only for all of our tribe, but for myself, my family, and friends as well. When I’m not with the Bhu crew, you can catch me training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, hiking, going to Padre games, and most of all spending time with my amazing daughter.


Customer Joy Advocate

I grew up in a small town called Oxford, Massachusetts. Oxford’s claim to fame is being the birthplace of Clara Barton, the founder of the American Red Cross! I love working at Bhu because I get to speak directly with our wonderful customers and supporters. It is always nice to have a pleasant chat with folks who love having Bhu in their lives. My hobbies include hiking, exploring new places to launch my kayak, drumming and playing guitar, listening to podcasts, reading, brewing and drinking coffee, riding my bike, making cocktails, spinning vinyl, eating pie, and dogsitting. I have driven across the U.S. 8.5 times, I’ve lived in London, and I have been on a reality TV show.

Cisco Aguilar

Deliver of Hapiness

My name is Cisco Aguilar. I’m the Shipping Supervisor for BHU FOODS. I was born and raised in San Diego. I have 3 beautiful kids. In my free time, I DJ, collect records and love hanging out with my kids and family. I’m truly grateful to be here at BHU FOODS and work with an amazing team.