Primal High Protein Bars

Primal protein. Sounds wild, huh? Well…it is! Primal High Protein Bars

It’s as wild as you want it to be. Our primal bars are for our adventurers. For our peak-hikers and trail-runners, for our competitive athletes and our gym-busters.

These bars are also for our soccer moms and yoga dads, for the lunch boxes of happy kids, and for busy college students too.

(Admittedly, these bars are also for our office employees at Bhu, who seem rather fond of munching the Coconut Chocolate Almond while at work on Instagram or Excel).

More than anything, these bars are for you. For we are all primal! We’ve all got hungry bodies, craving for some serious satisfaction and on-point nutrition at various times throughout the day. And it’s with that aim that we have crafted our primal line of protein bars!

What constitutes the center of our primal line is grass-fed whey protein. Happy cows and proper protein is what you can count on with these whey bars, including, lasting nourishment and deep satisfaction. Our primal high protein bars’ flavors:

Now here’s a list of things our primal bars are free from: soy, gluten, grains, legumes, sugar alcohols, high glycemic sweeteners, GMO ingredients, and artificial ingredients.

We are highly conscious of everything we choose to put into our bars, and as you can see above, choose to rule out – for your health and for our planet.

What you can count on is our own small-batch nut butter and gut flora lovin’ prebiotic fiber, our sweet and super healthy monk fruit sweetener, and a blending of flavors that is truly delicious and nutritious.

In the marketplace, almost no whey protein bars are grass-fed or non-GMO. Our primal high protein bars are project verified non-GMO.

From all of us here at Bhu, we hope you love our primal high protein bars!

*Don’t worry vegans and paleos, we’ve got you totally covered with our other product lines — check ‘em out here!