Semi-Sweetened Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Chips for Health

  • Chocolate Discs Semi Sweetened – 2 Bags

    Chocolate Discs Semi Sweetened – 9OZ

    Healthy chocolate never tasted so good!

    • Vegan
    • Keto
    • No Cane Sugar
    • No Sugar Alcohols 
    • No Artificial Sweeteners 


    **Summer Shipping Disclosure**

    Due to the varying national temperatures and the unpredictable shipping conditions, Bhu Foods cannot be responsible for melted products. We also cannot be held responsible for heat exposure to packages left on porches or mailboxes. We recommend shipping your package to your place of work, or somewhere that the package can be accepted and taken inside immediately to avoid this. Bars can be re-constituted in the refrigerator and will not spoil due to heat; oil separation is a natural occurrence and is likely when exposed to extreme temperatures.