The Ultimate Guide to a Year of Fitness

Make This The Year Where You Become Your Strongest Self
Fitness is a sensitive topic to some people– how you do it, why it’s worth it, and where you find the motivation to stick with it are all questions we ask ourselves. As you explore the types of workouts and fitness plans that work best for you, one thing’s certain– we only see meaningful results when we commit to a fitness plan, making it a habit over time. From the habits described in this guide come new, powerful versions of ourselves.

The Undeniable Power of Habit

We’ve all experienced a tough physical workout at one time or another. For some of us, maybe it became a story we’d relay when in the company of athletes, like a challenge we overcame in the past. When that one challenging session becomes a part of your life that you stay committed to for a week, month, and then a full year, it’s only then that you truly reap the benefits of a consistent fitness plan. You’ll experience a transformation that’s capable of changing your life for the better.

Six Paths to the Same Goal

Whether you choose to commit to living at the gym life for a year, testing your skills in the swimming pool, or creating your own home gym, the goal of these methods is the same. Choose a fitness plan that’s appealing to you, dive deep into the experience to get the most out of it, and stay committed to it for at least an entire year. No matter the path you choose, a stronger, fitter, more vibrant you awaits.

Everything You Need to Begin and Succeed on Your Path to Fitness

The articles included in this guide are designed to cover all you’ll need to know to start your chosen fitness plan, reap all of the benefits, and follow it through for a full year. Even if you’ve never considered getting involved in sports as an adult, or pursuing hiking as a legitimate fitness activity, the articles herein serve as a crash course, giving you all the info you need to hit the ground running.
Over 60 million Americans choose a local gym as their preferred method of working out regularly and enhancing their health and fitness. This option offers many advantages, including a wide variety of machines, trainers to help you, and a crowd that can keep you motivated. These tips will help you get started, overcome your fears, and get the most out of your gym experience.
No matter which of the 50 states you live in, there are outdoor hikes, trails, and parks waiting to be explored. Not only will becoming a hiker get you more fit than you’ve ever been, but you’ll end up seeing and experiencing the rare beauty that can only be found in nature. Combined with being in the outdoors, hiking is an adventurous activity that yields major health benefits when you do it often.
It’s rare that a new product changes the way we look at fitness, but the Fitbit did just that. With over 25 million people using the device, the challenge of getting your 10,000 steps per day has become a popular way of life. Explore the ways that using your Fitbit and ensuring you get 10,000 steps a day can significantly enhance your fitness level, and introduce you to new locations and experiences.
Are you aware that 27 million Americans choose swimming as their primary method of fitness? As a low-impact workout that can be as intense as you want it to be, swimming will boost your cardio, enhance your skills, and get you that toned look that’s unique to those who swim. Discover how you can make swimming a part of your life and enjoy the health advantages that come with it in this article.
Only 25% of high school athletes continue playing sports into adulthood, but those 25% enjoy social, physical, and health benefits that can’t be found elsewhere. From the fun and responsibility of being part of a team to training your hardest in practices and tournaments, see why playing sports as an adult is one of the most rewarding forms of fitness out there.
Staying home doesn’t mean you have to be sedentary. Regardless of the amount of space you have, you can create a home gym that you look forward to using each day. Learn about how to collect the equipment you need, maximize your space, and make building and using your home gym a lifelong endeavor that provides many advantages over other methods.

A Book Suggestion for Each Type of Fitness Plan