The Ultimate Introduction to the Ketogenic Diet

Keto is the Ultimate Low Carb, High Fat Experience

Guide to the Keto Diet
Success on keto means knowing which foods will keep you in a state of ketosis burning fats and ketones while avoiding refined carbohydrates altogether. This section of the Ultimate Guide to the Ketogenic Diet covers just that, helping you through the fundamentals and food choices that will lead you to the results you want while following the keto diet.

Learn about the origins of the keto diet, the birth of the modern keto craze, and explore research that suggests that keto may be the key to preventing cancer in the future.

To succeed on the ketogenic diet, you’re going to want to know as many fats and proteins as possible – these foods will provide all of your energy while on the keto diet.
Part of the popularity of the keto diet comes from the tempting recipes that are available – check out six of those recipes in this article.
Keto is a powerful weight loss diet, but it’s not without its challenges. Learn to navigate some of the side effects you may encounter on keto and see what they mean to your body.
Fats, proteins, and carbs are your macros – learn about why you’ll be focusing on those first two while following the ketogenic diet.

How’s your keto knowledge holding up? Grab a pen and notepad and see how well you know your keto foods, keto terminology, and keto science.

Keto is extremely effective at shedding pounds and keeping your body lean and strong.
Keto can be a social experience where you’re learning more and engaging with personalities and keto experts you love.
YouTube is a powerful tool for learning and entertainment – learn how to leverage this tool to improve your keto knowledge in this article.
The more you know about keto, the better you’ll be able to help the people in your life attain their fitness goals. Learn how to get more involved in this article.
See metal music and the keto lifestyle converge in this interview with popular YouTube Star, Sahil “Demonstealer” Makhija, host of the keto cooking show, “Headbanger’s Kitchen.”

Keto Resources

5 Must-Read Books on the Keto Diet

While there are now numerous ways to get info on keto, books are still an excellent way to learn about the experiences of others on the keto diet, plus tips to improve your own keto lifestyle. Whether you want advice on how to maximize your athletic potential on keto or you simply want to find better foods to make, there are keto-related books that are ideal for you.

5 Keto-related Documentaries for Fun and Knowledge

The recent upsurge in concern for health, disdain for sugar, and the connection between diet and disease all have something in common – Each of these causes owe a lot of their popularity to the controversial and informative documentaries that made them famous. Whether you find these on Netflix or order them from the source, each will reaffirm the reasons you’re on keto with legitimate studies and powerful experiences that highlight the harm done to our health by sugar.