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@bhufoodsofficial The BEST healthy dessert hack 😍 Pick up a jar of delicious BHUFoods edible chocolate chip cookie dough and some BHUFoods chocolate chips and add them to your ice cream! ✅Vegan ✅Keto ✅Gluten-Free ✅Certified Non-GMO ✅Certified Organic ✅Certified Kosher ✅NO Sugar Alcohols ✅NO Cane Sugar ✅NO Artificial Ingredients #icecream#cookiedough#veganlife#healthytreats#desserthack#ketodiet#veganmom#organicproducts#viral#fyp#fypp♬ original sound - Bhu Foods
@bhufoodsofficial#DIETHACK 🚨 Are you looking for a tasty and nutritious way to start your day? 😊 Try this protein cookie dough banana split 🍌🍪🍓 Get your BHUFoods Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough jars now at BHUFoods.com ❤️ Made with house-made small-batch cashew butter, specialty monk fruit-sweetened chocolate chips, and super tasty pea protein! 0g sugar, 8g protein, KETO friendly and certified organic 🌱 #veganrecipes#organictreats#healthysnacks#fitlifestyle#diethacks♬ original sound - BarrelProofNerd
@bhufoodsofficial Leveling up my breakfast game like a boss 😎🔥 Try this easy nutrient-packed superfood yogurt breakfast bowl - made with cashew yogurt, banana, cacao nibs, chia seeds, BHU Foods Protein Cookie Dough bar and coconut flakes 😊 Vegan ✅ Keto ✅ Gluten-Free ✅ Non-GMO ✅ NO Sugar Alcohols ✅ NO Cane Sugar ✅ NO Artificial Ingredients ✅ #veganrecipe#superfoods#breakfastideas#organicfood#fypage#fypp#viralvideo#virall#viralvideos♬ In the Bosom - Sweet After Tears

Questions? Look Here!

Your bars, ingredients, and claims seem too good compared to everything I have ever tried—Are you for real? Why should I believe you?

Ultimately we need to earn your trust. You can rely on the information on our packaging because our products are all lab tested. We are not for everyone – we are for someone. We are passionate about every single ingredient, every batch and every conversation. We hope we are for you. We are a small but proud group and we apologize if we seem too good to be true. It shouldn’t be that way. We are just being Bhu!

Do you put sugar in your bars?

Our healthy protein bars are 100% free of cane sugar. Our mission is to help wean people off of sugar so we wouldn’t think of adding sugar to our bars.

How do you make your bars taste sweet?

We sweeten the bars with monk fruit. It does not spike insulin. Just listen—your body will thank you. Taste buds too!

Do your bars contain gluten?

Our bars are gluten free.

Do your bars contain grains?

Our bars are 100% grain free.

Do your bars contain soy?

Our bars are 100% soy free.

I am concerned that you use Palm Oil in the bars. What’s the story about that?

The Hain/Spectrum Palm Oil we use is certified RSPO from Columbia not Southeast Asia, so it is not endangering orangutans. Here is a link to the RSPO site. https://www.rspo.org/about

Why do you have Chocolate Chips listed on your ingredients? I thought these were low sugar bars.

We have our own special monk fruit chocolate chips made just for us, according to our specifications. And they are totally cane-sugar free!

I’m looking for protein bars that will help me lose weight. Can Bhu help?

Definitely! We’d be glad to. Our protein bars are not only super delicious, they are also among the best nutrition bars for weight loss. High fiber. Low carb. Low sugar. Deeply satisfying. Our founder, Laura Katelman, has paid particular attention to one of the keys of weight loss: getting most of your calories from real food, which is grown, not junk, which is made. She has set a passionate standard in supporting people to not only to lose weight, but to maintain their weight loss over time by transitioning from eating junk to eating food. Our bars can truly be a great step for you, and if you happen to be interested, you can always check out her Amazon best-seller book on the topic, Skinny Thinking. All the best!

My cold packs are melted. Are my bars still safe to eat?

The Keto Bars will not have spoiled in shipping. If they are a little soft upon arrival that is OK. The ingredients we use to make our bars do not require refrigeration. The refrigeration is to keep the oils solid and for the bars to maintain their form. If you put them in the fridge for a little time they will reconstitute and be delicious. 

Do the Bites have to be refrigerated?

No, the Keto Bites have a different formula from the Keto Bars, so they are shelf stable and do not require refrigeration. 

Does the Cookie Dough in a Jar need to be refrigerated?

No, we recommend that the Jars stay at room temperature and consumed within 7 days after opening. The Cookie Dough is vegan so no need to keep it in the fridge. Trust us, the creaminess will not be as amazing if chilled. 

Is everything vegan?

Yes, all our products are completely vegan 

Do you have any products without nuts?

We do! We invite you to check out our Double Dark Chocolate Chip Bar or our Apple Cinnamon Nutmeg Bar.

Are you sold in stores?


Why are your products so expensive?

We are committed to 100% organic, clean, ingredients. Our pricing may be slightly higher than the competition, but we believe the investment to your health and towards our planet is well worth it. 

Do your products contain IMOs?

Do your products contain IMOs?

Does the monk fruit you use contain erythritol or any sugar alcohols?

No, we only use pure monk fruit.

What is the difference between the Bhu Fit Bars and the Bhu Keto Bars?

Bhu fit bars are: shelf stable, sunflower seed-based, chewy texture, protein-driven, lower in fat, 12 pack.Keto bars are refrigerated, cashew-based, creamier texture, keto-driven, higher in fat, 8 pack. Both fit bars and keto bars are keto, low sugar, vegan, organic, non-GMO, and gluten free.