Ultimate Beginners Guide to Veganism

How do I go vegan?

You’ve seen something about it on TV or heard your friends talking about it, right?

There are a lot of good, proven reasons to try veganism, ranging from a longer life to the protection of all living things on the planet.  You’ll see that there are serious health benefits as well, in part because the vegan diet skips out on the saturated fats and cholesterol caused by meat and dairy products. Whether you want to stay healthy or grow muscle, the vegan diet is ideal. Did you know Mike Tyson, Venus Williams, and UFC Fighter Nate Diaz have all adopted the vegan lifestyle?

With these life-changing benefits comes a few challenges for new vegans. Luckily, they’re easy to adapt to, and can be easily overcome to complete your vegan experience.

That’s where our comprehensive guide to starting veganism comes into play…

If you’re ready to conquer the challenges of veganism and reap its benefits, then our Ultimate Crash Course to Starting the Vegan Diet will be your guide to success!

From the major Superfoods you’ll find as a vegan to tips for staying motivated and keeping it interesting, think of our guide as the one-stop-shop for the vegan info you need. Whether you want to be a more social vegan or find the veggies, nuts, and seeds that will pack on the most muscle, our Ultimate Crash Course for the Vegan Diet is the place to find them.

Enjoy reading our Ultimate Crash Course for the Vegan Diet and good luck on your vegan journey!

Ultimate Crash Course in Starting Veganism

Have you considered committing to the vegan diet? From enhanced health and fitness to reduced chances of developing diseases, veganism comes with serious benefits. Anything with lifechanging benefits also involves challenges – that’s where this guide comes in.

The Ultimate Crash Course in Starting Veganism was designed as an all-encompassing source for new and experienced vegans alike. Whether you’re still in the early phases of the vegan lifestyle or you’ve been living as a vegan for years, this guide will help navigate the more challenging aspects of the lifestyle. Classic vegan dilemmas like consuming enough protein or finding the essential nutrients that only come from fish or meat are all simple matters when you know how to handle them. Whatever your concern about going vegan, the secrets to setting yourself up for success are now at your fingertips.

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You Want to Go Vegan. This is How to Start!

The quintessential guide to beginning veganism, this article fills you in on a lot of the knowledge that will help you succeed from day one. This includes valuable beginner’s tips like the nutrients that vegans shouldn’t miss and the importance of water intake and knowing your soy options.

The last part of the article covers three plans that will increase your chances of success as a vegan. Those include remembering to emphasize balance, thinking of veggies as the cornerstone of your meals, and planning some recipes you like early on. For new vegans, this article will provide sound advice that paves the way for success on the vegan diet.

6 Solid Reasons to Go Vegan

Ask any vegan what their reasoning is for wanting to adopt the vegan lifestyle, and you’re likely to get a passionate response. Vegans are people that believe in principles, whether those just involve fitness and healthy eating or larger ideals of preserving life on the planet. By far the darkest article on the list, the “6 Solid Reasons to Go Vegan” explores the brutally honest reasons why people commit to the lifestyle.

These reasons cover a wide range, including the extended longevity vegans experience compared to meat-eaters and the fact that vegans avoid a lot of saturated fats and cholesterol by not consuming animal products. For those who are curious about why people make the bold commitment to go vegan, this article will shed light on that topic, revealing the six most fundamental reasons people choose the vegan diet.

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4 Key Tips for Success on the Vegan Diet

The vegan lifestyle is awesome, but not everyone who tries it is able to stick it out for the long-haul. The initial change takes some getting used to, but by following the four crucial pieces of advice in this guide, you’ll overcome some of the obstacles that cause less dedicated vegans to quit.

The 4 Key Tips for Success on the Vegan Diet contains four core pieces of advice that will help you in trying times. We don’t just want you to try veganism – we want you to stay vegan. Tips like knowing what to plan and where to find valuable protein sources can make your vegan experience much more sustainable and enjoyable overall.

Going Vegan? Supplements for Maintaining Peak Performance

Vegans reap lifelong benefits for their dietary choices, but a handful of vital nutrients may be found in lower than recommended amounts if you don’t eat a balanced vegan diet. Luckily, vegans have found easy ways of overcoming these deficiencies. Whether by stocking up on the specific foods that provide the missing nutrients or by buying simple vitamins and supplements, vegans can thrive on a complete diet that is devoid of weaknesses.

For vegans to get sufficient amounts of zinc and calcium, a balanced diet is required. The absence of beef and cheese make zinc and calcium slightly more challenging to acquire for vegans. This guide will show you that foods like cashews and soy beans will provide enough zinc, while calcium is easily consumed in foods like beans, seeds, almonds, tofu, and milk substitutes. Following a perfect version of the vegan diet is simple once you know where to look!


Your Vegan Diet Worksheet Will Set You Up for Success

Preparation is the key to succeeding at anything meaningful, and switching to the vegan diet is no exception. Going in without knowing what to expect will leave you defenseless when you’re stuck with no dinner to prepare or no restaurant options for a social night. Avoid the pitfalls of the vegan lifestyle and create a foundation for success by completing this vegan worksheet.

Among the tasks on the worksheet that can help vegans are planning some vegan recipes that you’re looking forward to trying and coming up with three ways to connect with other vegans. While the items on the vegan diet worksheet differ, they have the common goal of ensuring your attempt at following the vegan diet is fruitful. Stick to the list and you’ll never be unprepared as a vegan.

A Vegan in a Restaurant: How to Eat Out and Stay Vegan

Restaurants are a part of life, especially when you have work meetings, celebrations with friends, and other social plans. If unprepared, vegans can have a rough experience in restaurants that don’t cater to their eating preferences. That’s where this ultimate guide to eating out as a vegan comes into play. Offering three tips for finding a vegan restaurant and five tips for ordering at non-vegan restaurants, this is the definitive source of useful advice for eating out as a vegan.

Do you know which types of restaurants are most likely to have a variety of restaurants? Included in the vegan guide to eating out are tips on the ethnic restaurants that cater to vegetarians and vegans, along with advice on finding such establishments. Happy Cow is mentioned as a vegan resource, and advice is given to appeal to a restaurant’s desire to please each customer when requesting vegan options.

Smart substitutions and combining side items are suggestions for the times when you’re at a restaurant with minimal choices for vegans. Ultimately, the steps in this guide will reduce the anxiety that vegans have about dining out.


These 10 Vegan Staples Will Pack on Serious Muscle

One of the biggest misnomers of the vegan diet is that there isn’t enough protein to grow serious muscle. This article addresses this misconception, highlighting vegan athletes like Nate Diaz and Venus Williams. More importantly, it lists the crucial foods that provide ample amounts of protein on the vegan diet.

Some of the high-protein foods that made the list may be obvious like nuts and seeds, but you may not have known that green peas are actually loaded with protein, boasting 8g per cup. Plus, learn about the highest protein option on the vegan diet: Tempeh, a fermented type of soy, contains enough protein to rival most meats at 17g per cup. This list of plant-based proteins will help you keep your body strong as an active vegan.

Boost your Energy Levels with These 10 Plant-based Superfoods

What is a superfood? Superfoods are the MVP’s of the food world, and they earn that status by having high nutritional content in various ways. The vegan diet is ripe with plant-based superfoods and knowing what they are can ensure that you stay healthy and energetic.

To highlight the difference between normal and superfoods, an example is given explaining the difference between cucumbers and carrots, two root vegetables with very different nutritional benefits.

Among the top superfoods for vegans are spinach, broccoli, and avocado, each of which is known for its substantial nutritional benefits. In this article, you have a useful list of ten of the optimal superfoods for vegans.


The Resources You’ll Need for Success as a Vegan

The more knowledge you acquire about the vegan lifestyle, the better care you’ll be able to take of your body. For vegans, there are always new fruits, veggies, and grains to discover. Choose to make consistent learning a part of your life as a vegan, and you’ll experience the lifestyle in a way that few do.

Further Reading for Vegans

Vegan information and reading material is readily available for those with a desire to learn. From apps to documentaries, vegans have put a lot of their tips, recipes, and secrets out into the world for others to enjoy. If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge of veganism, these resources are excellent places to start:

Vegan Books

  • Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition (2013)

Whole, written by T. Colin Campbell PhD, delves deep into what really happens when we eat. Driven by nutritional science, Campbell’s book explains how our oversimplification of food is costing us, and how our current nutrition paradigm doesn’t account for the complexity of the human body.

  • Forks Over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health (2011)

The Forks Over Knives book packs a lot of value for vegans into a single publication. Known best as the companion to the popular documentary, Forks Over Knives covers the benefits and reasons for committing to the vegan diet in thorough detail, providing commentary from pillars of the vegan movement. The newest version also includes 125 vegan recipes to get you started.

  • Vegan on the Cheap (2010)

Part of the challenge of sticking to the vegan diet is finding excellent deals on the healthy foods you need. Vegan on the Cheap is the book that can help you do that. For only 50 cents to $2.00 each, you can make 150 vegan recipes that include casseroles, crock pot meals, soups, and more.

  • Vegan Eats World: 300 Vegan Recipes for Savoring the Planet (2012)

Cookbooks are a dime a dozen, but you’ve never seen a vegan cookbook like this one. Featuring 300 recipes that are inspired by international cuisine, these aren’t the basic recipes you’d expect. Try Vegan Eats World and take your vegan culinary skills to an exotic level.

  • Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness (2012)

As an ultramarathon champion, Scott Jurek is among the most accomplished vegan athletes. Eat & Run details his journey into becoming both vegan and an ultrarunner, both roles he rejected at first. Read Eat & Run for a look at a man who changed his life through veganism and broke records along the way.


Vegan Websites

  • Vegsource.com

With news on a wide range of vegan topics, vegsource.com is worth a visit for any vegan. Containing numerous articles related to veganism, this site is great for exploring the topic from many angles.

  • Happycow.net

HappyCow.net makes life easier for vegans by showing the vegan restaurants that are near you. It also offers information on a huge variety of vegan topics, including famous vegans, vegan protein, and more.

  • Vegetariantimes.com

Essentially a newspaper that targets vegans, Vegetariantimes.com provides vegetarian recipes, articles, news, and other information that is useful for vegans of all types.

  • Vegweb.com

Ready for the biggest archive of vegan recipes on the net? That’s exactly what you’ll find at Vegweb.com, a website that details hundreds of recipes, and includes a Vegan 101 section as well.

  • Vegiehead.com

Vegiehead.com is a unique website that contains original vegan recipes, a shop, an academy, and even a vegan podcast known as the Easy Green Podcast.

  • Veganinsandiego.com

Veganinsandiego.com is an amazing resource for local vegans struggling to find restaurants that cater to the vegan diet.

Vegan Apps

  • Cruelty Free App

Featuring an archive of over 200 products, the Cruelty Free App instantly provides information about whether a product was tested on animals. Vegans can use this app to effectively shop with a clean conscious.

  • Vegan Steven App

It’s always fun to find new neighborhood gems, but it takes time, research, and a bit of luck. Vegan Steven takes the guesswork out of finding that perfect vegan spot near you. Ratings and reviews are included to ensure that you’ll find the vegan establishments that match your unique interests.

  • 21 Day Vegan Kickstart App

If you’re a rookie to the vegan lifestyle and want an app to help guide you through the first 21 days, Vegan Kickstart is an app that be extremely useful. Including nutrition facts, motivational tips, vegan recipes, and more, Veg Kickstart will help you kick off your vegan diet with a bang.

  • Epicurious App

Recipe apps are a dime-a-dozen, even for vegans, but Epicurious takes a different approach to the recipe format. The most crucial difference is that the recipes are crafted by professional chefs, not random users. Although not every recipe on Epicurious is vegan, the ones that are seem to be of restaurant quality. The rating systems will help you decide which recipes to try and which to pass up on.

  • Do Eat Raw App

Eating exclusively raw foods is a segment of the vegan diet. Whether you follow this philosophy or simply want some more ideas of how to incorporate raw fruits and veggies into your diet, the Do Eat Raw app can help. Offering over 300 raw recipes, the app also allows you to search by ingredient, a feature that is ideal for using the remaining perishables in your fridge.


Vegan Documentaries

  • Forks Over Knives (2011)

Using scientific research and personal accounts from people who’ve changed their diets, Forks Over Knives is the quintessential documentary for vegans. Highly informative and approachable, this is a documentary that has inspired many non-vegans to become curious about the vegan lifestyle.

  • Blackfish (2013)

Although Blackfish focuses on the whales that Sea World keeps in captivity rather than veganism, the documentary had enormous success at encouraging the public to look at animal rights violations. It even led to new policies regarding killer whales in the theme park and inspired conversations about animal rights.

  • Super Size Me (2004)

As one of the documentaries that was the first to gain mainstream popularity, Super Size Me followed Morgan Spurlock as he ate nothing but McDonalds for every single meal for 30 days. Throughout the experiment, you can see his doctors giving increasingly dire reports, and see his physical shape spiral downward. Ultimately, Super Size Me serves as an unflinching look at the damage caused by fast food.

  • Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (2010)

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead follows the experiences of Joe Cross, an overweight Australian who is coming to terms with his terrible dietary habits. The documentary invites you to join him as he discovers the foods that led to his unhealthy condition. He encounters interesting characters and ultimately discovers that a healthy body is dependent on eating the right foods.

  • Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014)

Blending disturbing facts and imagery with humor, Cowspiracy takes an unflinching glimpse at the meat industry, exposing many of its darkest secrets. The documentary delves into popular environmental issues and explores how we might achieve a more sustainable world.

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