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KETO Friendly

Always Organic

Vegan & Plant-Based





NO Sugar Alcohols

NO Cane Sugar

NO Artificial Ingredients

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No, the Keto Bites have a different formula from the Keto Bars, so they are shelf stable and do not require refrigeration. 

No, we recommend that the Jars stay at room temperature and consumed within 7 days after opening. The Cookie Dough is vegan so no need to keep it in the fridge. Trust us, the creaminess will not be as amazing if chilled. 

Yes, all our products are completely vegan 

We do! We invite you to check out our Double Dark Chocolate Chip Bar or our Apple Cinnamon Nutmeg Bar.

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We are committed to 100% organic, clean, ingredients. Our pricing may be slightly higher than the competition, but we believe the investment to your health and towards our planet is well worth it. 

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