Our Story

I started Bhu because I had a serious problem with sugar.

Everything in my life revolved around sugar and my self esteem plummeted. If I couldn’t control myself around sugar, how could I achieve anything in life? Finally, the experience of addiction was so painful that I decided to give sugar up altogether.

Then, it occurred to me that I couldn’t be the only one with this issue. Other people must also be trying to cut back on or give up sugar because there really weren’t products in the marketplace to help people transition. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to develop products made with ultra healthy, organic ingredients that also gave people the “party in the mouth” experience? I could develop products that would embody the best of all worlds, that didn’t compromise on health or taste. Everyone deserves to have access to delicious, healthy, organic food.” 

From that moment, I got busy in the kitchen with my small team and one full year later Bhu was born.

Our Mission

Make people’s lives happier and healthier by helping them transition away from sugar.

Here at Bhu Foods, we’re shifting the health and consciousness paradigm on the planet by setting the example of what it means to be a conscious company. We do this by offering exceptional, healthy, low sugar, high fiber, clean label, delicious products while exceeding the expectations of our customers, honoring and meeting the needs of our employees and our community, and safeguarding the environment.

BHU Bones

Breaking the Mold

– We’re pioneers…Our products are never “me too.” We are a unique company with a special role to play in the world

Going Above and Beyond

Good enough never is. We…Operate with fanatical integrity, transparency, efficiency, and attention to detail in everything we do. We work hard and push our limits.

Embracing Change

As a company and as people…We’re always growing Always evolving

Putting People before Profits

We…Strive to create the highest good for all – customers, employees, suppliers, and anyone we encounter. It feels good to do good. Build lifelong relationships through trust and respect. Be present and listen.

    Celebrating our ``Bhu-ness``…with humor, joy, and a little dancing. 

  • At every opportunity, we anchor light and cultivate consciousness on the planet. 
  • Empower with Positivity and Passion. 
  • Believe in our purpose, our product and our Tribe. 
  • Be the source of WOW and exceed expectations. 
  • Always operate out of love.

Bhu Foods grew out of a casual conversation among food-loving friends. Conscious of our health, weight, and wellbeing, we wondered:

  • What If...

    it were possible to have great tasting healthy protein bars and desserts that were not only not bad for you but actually made from superfoods?

  • What if...

    they not only didn’t compromise taste or nutrition but actually made you feel like you were doing something great for your body?

  • What if...

    they were high in fiber and healthy fats and low in carbs and sugar to help people manage their weight?

  • What if...

    this wasn’t just idle idealization?

  • What if...

    we could really create something of extraordinary quality, something that was ALL good? Why not try? And so the adventure and fun began.

  • Why BHU?

    Bhu (pronounced “BOO”) is a Sanskrit word that means “of the earth.” We believe that food is grown (of the earth), not made.

  • Why BHU?

    Our calling is that fundamental. It is a sacred trust: honoring the earth that supports all life and serving her people. We do this by lovingly creating superfood alternatives to sugary snacks at prices that are affordable for everyone.

  • Why BHU?

    Each day we come together and set the intention of anchoring light on the planet and uplifting each person our product touches. Please let us know if you feel our love in each bite. We’re sending it your way!