Discover How Vegans Become Powerful

If you’ve chosen to live the vegan lifestyle, then chances are, you’ve heard it all.

From the lie that there’s not enough protein on the vegan diet to grow your muscles to the myth that vegans don’t make world class athletes. But when have rumors held you back in the past? We’re here to go beyond rumors and speculation, to get to the bottom of how vegans are able to build significant muscle. We discuss how hard-hitting vegans like UFC star, Nate Diaz, came to embrace veganism and we provide lists of the most protein rich foods on the vegan diet. With tons of useful info to help fit vegans, this is The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Muscle Building.

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Muscle Building

Growing muscle isn’t easy no matter what diet you follow. But where there’s an ironclad determination and the effort to back it up, there is a way. With our guide, you’ll soon see that the vegan diet holds all of the keys to bulking up and taking your body to its greatest limit. Check out our 3-prong approach to helping you gain significant muscle mass as a vegan.

Finding the Best Protein

For vegans, building muscle means knowing the foods that are rich in vital protein and nutrients. Our articles on the most protein-dense beans, seeds, nuts, and veggies will help you chart your course to growing more muscle than you ever thought possible.

Go Beyond the Basics

We thoroughly understand that it takes more than protein alone to grow real muscle. This is why we go past the basics and delve into topics like which supplements you may need to complete your diet as a vegan. And did you know that while fruits are not rich in protein, they can provide the secondary nutrients you need to grow muscle? We discuss that as well, explaining the top fruits that are useful for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who want to increase their muscle.

Making Powerful Meals

But it’s not enough to know the raw ingredients that are packed with protein – we have to know how to use them. This is where our blogs on vegan power breakfasts and vegan meals for every occasion come in. Our easy-to-use recipes and tips can be applied instantly so you’re making vegan meals that are loaded with protein – the protein you need to become stronger.

Bonus: Vegan Motivation

Anyone who has followed a fitness routine can tell you that the greatest struggle is often not against the weights but in your own mind. Boost your motivation by seeing how badass vegans have overcome remarkable obstacles to make a name for themselves against world-class competitors. If you want to excel as a fit vegan, it takes more than knowing how to make a great vegan burrito – it takes the unquenchable willingness to thrive.

Not All Veggies are Created Equal – 10 Protein-Packed Veggies that Build Muscle

Veggies are the cornerstone of the vegan diet and they often provide many health advantages in one place. Check out this guide to see the top ten that will help you build and sustain muscle.

These 10 Vegan Staples Will Pack on Serious Muscle

We can’t keep every vegan food in our pantry at once, but simplifying it to these 10 will leave you with solid options that provide a high-protein snack in recipes or on the go.

Sweet but Powerful – 6 Fruits that Facilitate Muscle Growth

Some bodybuilders forgo fruit because they confuse its fructose with refined sugars. Learn why this is a misnomer and discover the advantages fruit offers to those who want to get shredded.

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No matter your fitness goals, protein shakes are a priceless tool for getting the results you want. Explore the differences between three of the most popular plant protein powders in this blog.

The Most Important Meal – 6 Powerful Vegan Breakfast Options

Breakfast isn’t always the most important meal of the day, but with these awesome vegan breakfast options, it can be! Expand your vegan diet plan with these killer breakfast ideas.

Prepare Your Ultimate Beach Body with Protein-packed Vegan Snacks

Snacking is a part of life, especially if you’re someone who needs extra calories and protein for bulking up. These quintessential vegan snacks will ensure that you’re never without protein.

Always Prepared – Vegan Power Foods for Every Occasion

Ever wonder what an ideal choice is for a high-protein vegan dish on date night or as a midnight snack? We want you to have options between the basic three meals, and you’ll find them here.

Finding Your Whey – 6 Vegan Supplements that Help You Get Shredded

Since vegans don’t consume meat, there are certain supplements that will help you fill in the gaps, and get the nutrients you need to build serious muscle – We cover those here.

Find Out Why these 5 Badass Athletes Became Vegan

Optimizing your vegan diet is only one part of crushing your fitness goals – Motivation is the other half, so see how some legendary vegans came to love the plant-based lifestyle.

The Warrior Vegan – Exploring the Influx of Vegan MMA Stars and Bodybuilders

It’s a fact – many MMA fighters and bodybuilders are finding world-class success on the vegan diet. Find out why veganism is the most appealing diet for even the most hardcore athletes.

Resources for Vegans Who Want to Grow Muscle

How serious are you about taking your muscles to the next level on the vegan diet? For those who want to dig a little deeper, these resources will provide useful information that you need to sustain a high level of motivation, learn more about veganism, and accomplish your goals.

5 Must-Read Books for Vegan Athletes

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