10 Can’t Miss Podcasts for Curious Vegans

10 Can’t Miss Podcasts for Curious Vegans

Vegans are a tight-knit community and the ways that they spread their values are increasingly innovative. Podcasts have become a major form of media in 2017 and there are podcasts for virtually every movement, trend, and sub-culture. Vegans who want to connect and share their values can listen to podcasts for free if they have a smartphone. Learn more about this rapidly growing form of media that can be used to expand vegan values: the podcast!

Pod-What? - Brief Overview of Podcasts

Attaining popularity in the early 2000’s, podcasts are audio files that feature multiple people discussing a particular topic. They can be fun, compelling, funny, or informative, but the goal of any podcaster is to speak their mind to as many listeners as possible. Since podcasts are audio files, you access them via a tablet, computer, or smartphone. Many free apps allow you to listen to and create podcasts, and they include Podbean, Podcast Addict, and Tune In.

Why and When Should You Listen to Podcasts?

Podcasts can provide entertainment during times when you’re preoccupied with something else, like working out, driving, or cleaning your house for example. Regardless of when you listen, many podcasts provide some form of entertainment value for their listeners. This can be comedy, information, unique perspectives on issues you care about, or some other value. Ultimately, a podcast is a free source of entertainment that doesn’t require your full attention.

Top 10 Vegan Podcasts You Shouldn’t Miss

What do you imagine would be common topics for a vegan podcast? Vegans care a lot about their values and lifestyle, and any aspect of it is fair game for discussion in a vegan podcast. This could span from animal rights and social justice to new vegan products and research studies. Whatever your topics of interest, the only way to find the podcasts that are ideal for you is to give them a listen. For enhancing your vegan lifestyle, these ten are a great place to start.

1. Sexy Vegan Radio

Despite the scandalous sounding name, Sexy Vegan Radio is a podcast that focuses on food. Hosted by chef and author Brian L. Patton, you can expect a wide range of cooking discussion on Sexy Vegan Radio. This includes interviews with cookbook authors, vegan tips and recipes, and cooking tips that every vegan will appreciate. If you want to upgrade your vegan cooking skills than give Sexy Vegan Radio a chance.

Topics Discussed in Sexy Vegan Radio

  • Vegan Food and Cooking Tips

  • Vegan Cookbooks and Recipes

  • Interviews with Cookbook Authors

2. Main Street Vegan

Hosted by author of 10 vegan books including The Main Street Vegan, Victoria Moran, the Main Street Vegan (MSV) podcast focuses on all-things related to going vegan. MSV podcast typically features guests such as vegan authors, chefs, activists, physicians, and celebrities. Hosted by a well-informed mother-daughter team who are both experienced vegans, Main Street Vegan will be a favorite of the veg-curious.

Topics Discussed in Main Street Vegan

  •  Vegan athletes, vegan lifestyle, vegan motivation

  •  Animal rights, news, and activism

  •  Topics based on unique vegan guests and her MSV Brand

3. No Meat Athlete Radio

Matt Frazier is a vegan ultrarunner and marathoner who’s best known for his blog, the No Meat Athlete, and a book and podcast of the same name. In its 200 episodes, the No Meat Athlete Podcast covers a massive array of topics, mostly having to do with veganism and running.

By glancing at his archives, you can see a wide variety of topics among his episodes:

  • 194: The Relaxation Episode

  • 192: Julie Piatt on Demystifying Vegan Cheese

  • 190: Is it Possible to Be 100% Vegan?

Topics Discussed in No Meat Athlete Podcast

  • Veganism and Athletics

  • Interviews with Relevant Vegans

  • Exploring the Issues Surrounding Veganism

4. Which Side: A Vegan Anarchist Podcast

Going strong since 2012, Which Side is not your typical vegan podcast. Hosted by Jordan Halliday and Jeremy Parkin, the Which Side Podcast offers a compelling blend of vegan and anti-government discussion, only not in doses that would turn off casual listeners. Ultimately, the hosts explain that they’re meant to be like a group of friends for the listener - they just happen to be vegans who are skeptical about the government as well.

Topics Discussed in Which Side Podcast

  • Anti-government issues and concerns

  • Vegan restaurants and issues

  • Emphasis on not shoving anarchistic or vegan principles down your throat

5. The Brown Vegan

A podcast that expands the vegan philosophy to other cultures, The Brown Vegan is hosted by Monique Koch, a passionate vegan. By her own explanation, the name does refer to the fact that Monique is African American, and many of the guests are as well.

The Brown Vegan is especially important because it’s introducing the vegan lifestyle to people who may not have heard of it. Expect particularly interesting topics about daily life as a vegan, like what to do when one person in the relationship is vegan, for example. Her pod notes are exceptionally detailed as well, explaining detailed anecdotes from the podcast.

Topics Discussed in The Brown Vegan Podcast

  • Features very real and down to Earth topics about life as a vegan

  • Vegan meal planning, relationships, benefits of YouTube

  • Exploring the vegan experiences of different guests

6. The Bearded Vegans

Keeping companies accountable for their animal testing practices is but one of the topics you’ll find on The Bearded Vegans podcast. Hosted by bearded dudes, Paul and Andy, they tackle various topics having to do with the ethical gray areas of the vegan lifestyle. With controversial topics and listeners known as Beardos, the Bearded Vegans is loaded with character.

Topics Discussed in the Bearded Vegan Podcast

  • Controversial vegan topics

  • Vegan ethical gray areas

  • Variety of lifestyle topics

7. Curiously Veg Podcast

An all-around entertaining vegan podcast hosted by decade-long friends Hope and Dave, Curiously Veg covers a wide span of subjects. With a goal of bridging the gap between vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters, the Curiously Veg Podcast looks at the relationships between the different groups. Providing a respectful forum where both serious and silly vegan issues can be discussed, Curiously Veg is an approachable and compelling vegan podcast.

Topics Discussed in the Curiously Veg Podcast

  • Vegan Health Myths, Vegan Tattoos, Vegan Shopping Tips

  • Motivation, Sticking with Veganism, Cooking

  • Being an Activist, Random Vegan Topics

8. Our Hen House

Hosted by Mariann Sullivan and Jasmin Singer, Our Hen House is a podcast that is passionate about one particular element of veganism: Saving the animals. Both ardent vegans and animal rights activists, Mariann and Jasmin do the podcast to spread the word about the harsh realities of animal rights. Now with about 400 episodes published, it’s clear that they’ve made a difference for our 4-legged friends.

Topics Discussed in the Our Hen House Podcast

  • In depth discussions with multiple guests

  • Animal rights and safety

  • Animal laws and news

9. Vegan Newbs Podcast

New to the vegan lifestyle? If so, you’ve found the right podcast. Vegan Newbs is hosted by and for, new vegans. With our cast of rookie vegans, discuss vegan experiences, food, lifestyle topics, and ethics surrounding veganism in society. With occasional guests, the Vegan Newbs Podcast is a fascinating jaunt through the earliest stages of veganism.

Topics Discussed in the Vegan Newbs Podcast

  • Early challenges of veganism

  • Animal rights issues

  • Guests with their own unique perspectives on veganism

10. Vegan Radio

Discussing everything related to vegan culture, but in a way that still appeals to omnivores, Vegan Radio has been spreading the vegan cause since 2005. Featuring five hosts and often, a musical guest, Vegan Radio delves into major topics that are most important to vegans. Expect a combination of serious discussion and humor on topics ranging from animal rights to dating vegans. Vegan Radio is one of the original podcasts that is still going strong over a decade later.  

Topics Discussed on Vegan Radio

  • Wide array of vegan cultural discussions

  • Animal rights, relationships, pop-culture, vegan humor

  • Guests and their unique perspectives

Immerse Yourself in Vegan Culture through Podcasts!

Vegans are passionate about many aspects of their culture. Issues like animal rights, social justice, and cooking the best vegan cuisine possible are common concerns in the vegan community. Even if you live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, you can listen to podcasts to see how other people around the world are approaching the vegan lifestyle. Whether for fun and entertainment, or motivation and learning, podcasts can be an excellent tool for vegans.