Weight Loss Protein Bars (part 1 of 3)

Here at Bhu Foods, we are deeply conscious of health and wellbeing and come from a place of care to support those who are intending to lose weight. Our bars are high in fiber and protein, while free from cane sugar, sucralose and sugar alcohols, and are made entirely with ingredients which are “of the earth.” You can count on us to provide you with body-loving nutrition, especially for healthy snacking and on-the-go goodness.

Specifically, our founder Laura Katleman comes from a background in helping people with weight loss and healing the misguided thinking patterns that cause it, both as a personal journey and as author of the widely popular book, “Skinny Thinking.” When she started Bhu Foods, she resolved to provide the market with superfood alternatives to sugary snacks which taste as good as they are healthy. And, with the help of our inspired team, she has done just that.