5 Undeniable Health Advantages Of A Vegan Diet

5 Undeniable Health Advantages Of A Vegan Diet

If you’re not yet familiar with veganism, it’s the term for those who choose to avoid animal products including meat, fish, eggs, and dairy. While vegans have different reasons for their dietary choices, the benefits of the vegan lifestyle are undeniable.

Providing phenomenal heart benefits and a very real chance of preventing cancer, veganism is a clean lifestyle that offers a lifetime of optimal health. If you decide to go vegan, remember that Bhu Foods has you covered with their variety of vegan protein cookies and vegan protein bars that are 100% organic. Read on to learn about the proven benefits of a vegan diet and how your food choices play a key role in your overall health.

3 Reasons Why Veganism Is a Healthier Lifestyle

If you delve into the core reasons why the vegan lifestyle is widely considered to be healthier than most diets, it’s clear that the lack of what you put into your body is as important as what you eat.

1.      Lack of Animal Products

The main source of health benefits when it comes to veganism is attributed to the lack of meat. Even the most dedicated carnivore must admit that many of our most devastating diseases come from the consumption of animal products. Without these fattening meats and dairy products, a vegan lifestyle ensures that you avoid a wide range of health ailments.

2.      Veganism Features Healthy Foods

If you’re sticking to a diet that purely consists of fruits and vegetables found in nature, then there’s little room for disease, obesity, or other problems to develop. Furthermore, these categories include many of the healthiest foods that you can possibly consume. Everything from apples and kiwi to spinach and carrots are included in a vegan diet. Those are types of foods that have a positive effect on the body.

3.      Vegan Foods Are Alkaline Rather Than Acidic

A more advanced reason that vegan foods are healthier is because they are great for balancing the pH level of your blood. Essentially, this does a lot to not only keep you energetic and fit but also to prevent certain cancers and negative ailments. If terms like “alkaline” and “pH level” are still foreign to you, you can quickly brush up on these concepts and take your fitness knowledge to new heights.

Finding Adequate Vegan Protein Sources

Veganism brings a host of major benefits to your health, but the biggest challenge involves finding ways to get enough protein without ingesting animal products. Luckily, Bhu Foods makes vegan protein bars that are organic and completely comprised of vegan ingredients. Packed with 11-14 grams of potent pea protein per bar, Bhu Foods Organic Vegan Protein Bars are an excellent way to compliment your vegan lifestyle.

5 Significant Benefits of a Vegan Diet

For some, the health benefits are the main reason they go vegan. For others, it’s the animal rights aspects or the fact that it’s much better for the environment. Whatever your reason for going vegan or seeking to learn more about it, know that there are serious benefits that can have a drastic impact on your life.

1.      A Vegan Diet Will Keep You Healthy and Fit

If you plan on limiting your dietary intake to fruits and vegetables, you’ll enjoy a noticeable boost in your overall health. A vegan diet is lighter because of the lack of saturated fat and cholesterol, and healthier because of the high potency of nutrients in vegan foods. As long as you’re moderating your intake of breads and sugars, then the vegan diet is ideal for shedding pounds and staying healthy.

2.      Healthy Bones

The vegan diet contains a lot of foods that are packed with bone-building nutrients. Among these are vitamin K, potassium, and magnesium, each of which is vital to bone health. Combined with soy products which are rich in riboflavin, the vegan diet is an excellent choice for strong bones. To reap the benefits of healthy bones, it might help to know which vegan foods have the most potent nutrients for bone health:

  • Green leafy vegetables

  • Tofu

  • Soy products

  • Dried beans

  • Citrus

  • Dried Figs

  • Tahini

  • Pumpkin and squash

  • Nuts and seeds

  • Bhu Organic Vegan Protein Bars

Alkaline Foods Are Better for Bone Health

For strong bones, each of the foods listed is rich in potent nutrients like potassium and vitamin K, but that’s not their only advantage. The alkaline aspects of these same foods also are beneficial to the bones. The reason for this is that an acidic diet causes the body to lose calcium, so eating alkaline foods is the key to keeping your calcium where it’s meant to be:  inside your body, rebuilding and strengthening your bones.

3.      Lower Blood Pressure

With over 70 million Americans living with high blood pressure, hypertension is a growing threat that affects almost a third of the population. Did you know that hypertension and cholesterol problems are overwhelmingly caused by ingesting meat products?

A vegan diet is phenomenal for lowering cholesterol and restoring blood pressure to a healthy level. The fruits and vegetables found on a vegan diet are nutritious, and none of them contain saturated fat. If you’re vulnerable to these kinds of health problems, consider going vegan to permanently put hypertension and cholesterol issues to rest.

4.      Preventing Cancer and Other Diseases

The “Big C” - No one wants to think about it or talk about it, much less be diagnosed with it. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that research proves a vegan diet to be effective at preventing at least 6 types of cancer. From the protective properties of garlic to lycopene-rich tomatoes, a vegan diet is the perfect way to fortify your body against debilitating diseases including cancer.

The Alkalinity of a Vegan Diet Is Excellent For Fighting Cancer

One thing that is absolutely certain about a diet rich in meat is that it’s highly acidic. Combined with the saturated fat inherent in this diet, a meat-rich lifestyle causes the body to become a breeding ground for various cancers. This is another way a vegan diet is excellent for preventing the growth and spreading of cancer: it keeps the body’s pH scale balanced, making it difficult for cancer to thrive.

5.      Veganism is Better for Heart Health

Heart disease is one of the major killers of men and women throughout the world, but vegans have less of a reason to worry than meat eaters. The lower BMI of vegans combined with lower cholesterol levels and healthy blood lipids all contribute to a stronger, healthier heart.

Fruits + Vegetables + Whole Grains = Healthy Heart

Fruits and vegetables also contain potent amounts of antioxidants, fiber, and phytochemicals, each of which are vital to maintaining optimal heart health. The additions of whole grains, nuts, and soy products also are excellent for the heart, proving that the vegan lifestyle will keep you slim, healthy, and in good cardiovascular shape.

Try Bhu Organic Vegan Protein Bars and Cookies to Compliment Your Vegan Diet!

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