6 Emerging Fitness Trends You Should Know About in 2017

6 Emerging Fitness Trends You Should Know About in 2017

To those who are passionate about their level of fitness, every advantage counts. From supplements to elaborate diet plans, there are numerous ways for the fitness enthusiast to get ahead. And with each trend that becomes the hottest topic in the world of fitness, another one follows, setting the tone for the changes you see the following year. As we enter the last quarter of 2017, let’s discover some of the emerging fitness trends that will shape the following year.

Is it Just a Fad? Separating The Fluff from the Real Deal

Trends are essentially the workouts, products, and strategies that become extremely popular for a period of time. Some of them, like functional fitness are most likely here to stay, while others like the Ab Roller, quickly take their place behind newer, emerging trends. The value of keeping an eye out for and taking advantage of fitness trends is that it helps fitness enthusiasts become aware of the most impactful innovations made in the gym, track, or yoga studio.

Difference Between Trends and Fads

Although trends and fads are easily confused, there is one important distinction between the two. While fads are something that becomes popular for a time and then fades away, trends have the power to grow, expand, and become the norm. A few examples of trends that have grown to become fitness staples include CrossFit, HIIT Training, Yoga, and wearing a FitBit.

6 Fitness Trends to Watch For

Each year comes with its own series of products, classes, and training methods that change the way we approach our workouts. As 2017 enters its fourth quarter, some of these trends are becoming more prevalent and are poised to become more popular in the following year.

    1. Competitive Fitness Classes

If basic gyms don’t provide the excitement and challenge that they used to, then the new trend of interactive, competitive gyms may be for you. Each offering a different take on competitive workouts, gyms like Orangetheory and The Pursuit invite patrons to compete against each other in a variety of fitness games and challenges. Here are some examples of gyms that are utilizing  competitive workout classes in creative and innovative ways:

The Pursuit

Ever wonder how you fare against other people in your spin class? Combining the intensity of cycling with the fun of video games and fitness challenges, The Pursuit takes a creative new approach to the way you workout. From the moment you sit on your bike, you’ll see your name connected on a large screen at the center of the room. This screen monitors each participant’s progress through various challenges, adding to the motivation and fun of each workout.


With a unique focus on Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), Orangetheory prides itself on workouts that leave you burning calories for days after you leave the gym. Featuring a huge screen that displays each person’s name and heart rate, the classes at Orangetheory have a competitive vibe, even if you’re just striving for your personal best.

Sweat Shed

Embracing the tagline of “Shed the Past, Sweat the Present”, Sweat Shed strives to provide the most intense 50 minute workout possible. While circuit training is nothing new, their team-based approach to circuit workouts makes them more approachable and challenging than ever before. If you want to turn each workout into a competitive, team-oriented event, Sweat Shed offers the intense experience you need.  

    2. Online Coaching

From buying groceries to renting movies, we do everything else online, so why not get our fitness coaching online as well? With well-known trainers like Jillian Michaels successfully leading online coaching sessions, other companies are following suit. Here are some of the best online fitness programs along with the specialty of each:

  • Gym Jones - For getting shredded in short time

  • Kommitted - Burning fat as quickly as possible

  • Smart Triathalon Training - For improving cardio and endurance

As you can see there’s an online training program for every type of client. Whether you want to be a part of a large fitness community and compare your results with others, or you want workouts designed by one of your favorite coaches, online coaching programs can provide that.

    3. Fitness Apps Gain Popularity

Another area where technology is combining with fitness to create a useful new trend is in the rise of fitness apps. From basic apps that count time, calories, or steps, there are now elaborate fitness apps that can add an interesting new element to your routine. A recent study published in the Journal of Internet Research (JMIR) revealed that participants who had a fitness app worked out more often than those who did not, so consider adding an app like these to your phone - it can boost motivation, track your progress, and provide new ideas for your workout plan.


  • Charity Miles  


If you love running and want to generate money for charity with every step, Charity Miles is the app for you. With a logo that cleverly combines a runner and a heart, Charity Miles makes it easier than ever to receive corporate sponsorship for each mile you run or walk. Either ride a bike for 10 cents per mile or run for 25 cents per mile and simply choose the charity it goes to.


  • Map My Run


A fitness app by Under Armour, Map My Run contains 70 million running and walking routes throughout the country. Simply type in your zip code and choose from popular running routes near your location. The app also uses a Route Genius function that will find the perfect route for you based on the distance you want to run.


  • FitStar Personal Trainer


Created by Tony Gonzalez, the former NFL player, FitStar has since been purchased by Fitbit. Designed to offer completely customized workouts, FitStar functions like your own personal fitness coach. With the free version, the FitStar app will provide two customized workouts per week, so consider including FitStar on your phone to switch up your workout plan.

    4. Virtual Reality Workouts

One of the biggest challenges with a consistent workout plan is staying motivated for weeks, months, and years at a time. One innovative tool for adding fun and excitement to common workouts is virtual reality. Devices like the Oculus Rift are beginning to offer workouts that take advantage of the immersiveness of a VR experience.

Goji Play Uses Games that Require Fitness

For a truly innovative fitness gaming experience, Goji Play lets you turn your favorite cardio machine into a game controller. The difference between other virtual reality products and Goji Play is that Goji Play is designed for fitness. Touting the tagline, “It makes 30 minutes of exercise feel like 5”, Goji Play is poised to revolutionize the genre of fitness gaming in 2018.

   5. The Mind-Body Connection

Driven by the surging popularity of Yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation classes, more fitness enthusiasts than ever are learning the value of showing love to the mind as well as the body. A major trend that’s been popping up in cities throughout the country is gyms that combine one aspect of fitness with Yoga or meditation. Ultimately, as more people acknowledge that it takes a strong, healthy mind to create a fit body, more emphasis will be placed on the mental aspects of training.

Grotto Fitness Combines Yoga and Climbing in San Diego

One example of how the mind-body connection is a blossoming fitness trend is at Grotto Climbing and Yoga in San Diego. With an elaborate climbing gym that includes 7000 square feet of climbing space, Grotto also offers a wide range of Yoga classes to suit all skill levels. Gyms like Grotto are showing the importance of combining stretching and relaxation with your hardcore physical gym workouts.

   6. Renewed Focus on Recovery

With the internet providing facts for those who are inclined to find them and the rising popularity of Yoga and meditation, more and more people are beginning to take their recovery period seriously. Many things affect the rate at which you recover from a brutal workout, including diet, hydration, supplements, and other factors. Foods such as fruits provide the vitamins, minerals, and macros athletes need to make a complete recovery.  

Advantages of Taking Time to Recover Properly

  • Reduce the chances of injury

  • Allow your muscles to heal and rebuild

  • Decrease pain and soreness

  • Go into the rest of your day feeling refreshed and energized

Which Fitness Trend Will You Try this Year?

With 2018 just months away, which of the fitness trends of this year will continue to thrive and rise in popularity through the upcoming year? From competitive fitness classes to a newfound interest in recovery, fitness trends provide a lot of value for those who are interested in expanding their workout plans. Whether any of these captures your attention or it’s another workout trend that you want to try, we wish you best of luck in experimenting with different fitness trends in your quest for the perfect body.