Best Breakfast Ideas for Post-Workout

Best Breakfast Ideas for Post-Workout

Best Breakfast Ideas for Post-Workout

While it can be hard to find enough time to sit down and enjoy a hearty, well-rounded breakfast—especially on busy mornings—getting that fuel in bright and early is important, as it gives your mind and body that jolt of energy it needs to wake up and be productive.


Plus, if you’re working out in the morning you’ll need to eat something that is nutrient dense within 30 minutes to an hour afterwards in order to give your muscles adequate recovery to prevent muscle soreness and injury.


Without enough protein and complex carbs, your damaged muscles won’t be able to repair well, and you might find yourself feeling more lethargic and swollen, or in pain, which can come from overuse training as well as under fueling.


You may not be able to sit down and have a full meal at the table every morning, but that doesn’t mean you should skip breakfast altogether. You can eat something healthy on the go that’s portable, like a protein bar or “egg” cups (there are some yummy vegan ones on the market now, like Just Egg, for example!). And you can simply have a quick snack and then pack something with you to sit down and enjoy once you get to work.


Here are some delicious breakfast ideas to get you started that are all especially great for post-workout and happen to be vegan as well!


Protein Bar and Nut Butter Drizzle

Grab a vegan protein bar (or even a keto protein bar if you’re following a low-carb diet) and drizzle some nut butter on top to further increase grams of protein and add on some heart-healthy, satiating fat and fiber. This dynamic duo hits all the marks for nutrition to speed muscle recovery, strengthen those hard-working muscles and promote fullness for longer.


You can choose any nut butter (peanut, almond, or cashew, for example) and enjoy some from the jar before heading out or get squeeze packs for a completely portable and easy vegan breakfast after a sweat session. Go with salted nut butter, since you need electrolytes lost through sweat and depletion.

 Vegan avocado toast

Vegan Protein Toast

There’s no way to not love a good high-protein and flavorful toast for breakfast that will also benefit your body and keep hunger at bay until lunch. The toast provides carbs, which you need after a workout (and likely are craving too!) and the toppings let you play around with ingredients to get the most nutritional bang for your buck.


If you’re on a vegan diet, try avocado slices on top of hummus, all stacked on a slice of whole grain or wheat bread that’s hearty in texture. Those seeds and grains have fiber and protein! You can also go with nut butter and banana—a classic combo, but one that has potassium and magnesium from banana to provide electrolytes and prevent soreness as well as protein and fat from the nuts.


Feel free to get creative though—sprinkle chia or hemp seeds on top or add another slice of bread to make a whole sandwich if you had an especially long or intense workout and need some extra fuel.


Eggless Eggs

Eggs scream breakfast! If you eat them, feel free to whip up an omelet or large batch of egg cups to have on hand throughout the week for grab and go workout recovery and that AM meal. However if you’re vegan, you can still enjoy egg-less egg products designed to taste like the real deal and still have ample protein (as well as room to include more nutrition, like antioxidant-rich veggies or whole grains!).


You can buy products on the market that have a good, versatile batter or are microwavable for a no hassle morning, like eggless “sous vides” or folded pieces that can work nicely in a vegan breakfast sandwich. Just Egg has folded options too, which taste great on bread with some avocado or on top of a breakfast salad made with kale, nuts and berries, for example.

 vegan smoothie post workout

High Protein Smoothie

Meal prep freezer packs in advance with ingredients for a high protein vegan smoothie that you can have more immediate recovery and which you can take on your morning commute. If packed in little bags in the freezer, you can just throw the ingredients in the blender to make ready within seconds.


Go for high protein ingredients, like a protein powder that’s low in sugar and has 15 grams or more of protein, as well as other thickening and nutritious foods, like nut butter, avocado and chia seeds. And don’t forget leafy greens, since they have good minerals for muscle recovery and overall heart health.


Plus, you can mask them by choosing a chocolate or vanilla powder as well as one or two fresh fruits. Don’t have too much fruit, or else sugar will be high—one or two servings is best!