Champions of the Vegan Lifestyle - 6 Outspoken Celebrities

Champions of the Vegan Lifestyle - 6 Outspoken Celebrities

Celebrities play a distinct and powerful role in our society.

Whether you're somebody who has your favorite celebrities that you love so much that you follow their every move on social media or the opposite kind of person that would barely remember an actor’s name if you met them, we can’t deny that celebrities have the power of recognition - when they speak up for a cause, millions of people listen.

The Courage to Speak Up

Fortunately for the vegan cause, many A-list celebrities have chosen to talk publicly about their dedication to the vegan lifestyle. This is a long and varied list that includes presidents like Bill Clinton, who switched to veganism for its health benefits, and beloved actors like Woody Harrelson, whose eclectic lifestyle and film roles have made him a Hollywood favorite for decades. Such celebrities could remain private about their dietary lifestyles, but instead, they choose to talk publicly about how veganism has changed their lives.  

The Impact Made by Vegan Celebrities

No matter the reason for their fame, there is an undeniable impact that happens when a celebrity speaks out towards a cause. Whether through books, magazines, TV interviews, or social media, celebrities are capable of reaching millions of people with their thoughts and opinions. When it comes to a movement that can affect the entire world such as veganism, celebrities who have the courage to speak out become champions of the vegan cause.

6 Outspoken Vegan Celebrities

From actors and actresses to show hosts and Hollywood legends, odds are pretty good that you’ll recognize every name on this list. Each of these celebrities has used their fame to speak out about their vegan beliefs, and have made great strides to make the vegan lifestyle more approachable to millions of Americans. Check out this list of the most outspoken vegan celebrities and see how each has advanced the vegan cause.

6 Outspoken Vegan Celebrities   

1. Miley Cyrus

Despite your views on Miley Cyrus, few can deny that she has become the voice of young millennials. Often voicing her bold, outspoken opinions on Instagram, Miley has aggressively made her vegan presence known. In fact, PETA, the headquarters for animal rights, even published an article entitled, “Is Miley Cyrus the Veganest Vegan to Ever Vegan?” Whether she’s condemning the Trump brothers for killing a lion or shaming people for wearing furs on the runway, Miley has evolved into an influential voice for the next generation of vegans.
Notable Vegan Accomplishments

  • Miley’s unfiltered pro-vegan Instagram posts have been seen by thousands

  • Frequently posts photos of her vegan entrees making the lifestyle look appealing

  • Criticizes high profile animal-cruelty offenders like Donald Trump Jr.

2. Mayim Bialik

Best known as the star of her own show on Blossom and now as a quirky-yet-genius character on Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialik is no stranger to reinventing herself. Aside from being an Emmy winner who holds a doctorate in Neuroscience from UCLA, Mayim is also one of the most passionate vegans in Hollywood. Mayim is one of the few actresses who’ve taken their love of veganism to the next level, authoring books and conducting numerous interviews on the topic.
Notable Vegan Accomplishments

  • Wrote Mayim’s Vegan Table a book full of her favorite vegan recipes.

  • Founded Shamayim V'Aretz Institute, a Jewish group for the protection of animals

  • Released detailed videos like this one where she explains her vegan decision

3. Ellen DeGeneres

One vegan celebrity that has their own popular show on daytime TV is Ellen Degeneres. Ellen seems to take every available opportunity to speak highly about the vegan lifestyle, and with so many loyal followers, there’s no doubt that her influence makes an impact.

As beloved as Ellen is, there are still critics that pan her for her occasional love of eggs or the fact that she owns a company that uses leather products, but no one can deny that she’s done a lot to spread the benefits of veganism in a positive way.
Notable Vegan Accomplishments

  • Founded a vegan blog titled “Going Vegan with Ellen”

  • Has used major network show to discuss vegan issues

  • Brings an element of humor and legitimacy to veganism for the masses

4. Peter Dinklage

As one of the most popular characters in arguably the biggest show of all time, to say Peter Dinklage is enjoying peak popularity at the moment is a massive understatement. With his remarkable level of notoriety from starring on Game of Thrones, Peter Dinklage has a substantial platform for reaching the American public - and he uses it to talk about being vegan. From leading major vegan outreach campaigns to explaining his vegan diet in interviews, Dinklage has established himself as a respected champion of the vegan cause.
Notable Vegan Accomplishments

  • Led vegan campaigns for Farm Sanctuary and PETA

  • Served as Ambassador for Cruelty-Free International

  • Openly discusses why he decides to live as a vegan.

5. Woody Harrelson

Perhaps you know him from the hit 80’s sitcom, Cheers, or from his more recent work in films like War for the Planet of the Apes. However you recognize Woody Harrelson, he’s been a Hollywood staple for decades. He’s also been a vegan for many years and was even voted PETA’s Sexiest Male Vegan with Jessica Chastain earning the award alongside him. Few celebrities come to embody the vegan lifestyle like Woody Harrelson, who is not afraid to express his opinions on veganism or his love of hemp products.
Notable Vegan Accomplishments

  • Actively works with PETA, like when he advocated for the release of chimps from a lab

  • Invested in Sage, a vegan beer garden with popular vegan dishes

  • Has detailed his veganism in many interviews such as this one

6. Jared Leto

We can’t expect all vegans to be perfect, and that includes the frontman for 30 Seconds to Mars and Oscar-winning actor from Dallas Buyers Club, Jared Leto. Although he never eats meat, he jokingly refers to himself as a “Cheagan” saying if “someone’s mom made a cookie and handed it to me, I’d probably take a bite.” Nevertheless, Leto is forthright about his vegan lifestyle, frequently discussing it in interviews like this one for Rolling Stone.  
Notable Vegan Accomplishments

  • Prepped for high-profile role as The Joker by getting ripped on the vegan diet

  • Outspoken as one of few rockers who lives a clean lifestyle

  • Known for looking far younger than he is, which is also a benefit of the vegan diet

How Will You Speak Up for the Vegan Lifestyle?

From writing books to starting websites, famous people have a lot of different methods of using their celebrity to spread their message about the vegan lifestyle. With tools like social media at our disposal, even the average Joe can speak their mind about the opinions they care about. Like the celebrities who risk their careers to voice their love for the issues that are important to them, it’s up to everyday vegans to speak up at the times when it matters most. Only by living the vegan lifestyle with boldness and fortitude will it earn the worldwide respect it deserves.