Count on Keto for Serious Weight Loss

Count on Keto for Serious Weight Loss

Weight loss has become one of the greatest health challenges facing humanity in 2018. If that statement inspired an eye-roll, it’s important to realize that over 70% of our population is overweight or obese, and obesity leads to a wide range of problems that no one wants.

When confronting this challenge of losing weight, people try everything from diet schemes that make bold promises to essentially starving themselves. However, both of these options can be harmful to your mental and physical well-being.

Somewhere in between those options is a science-based method that actually works wonders for those who wish to lose weight. That method is the ketogenic diet. Much more than just a diet, the purpose of following the ketogenic lifestyle is to reprogram the way your body burns fuel. Discover why many top fitness experts use the ketogenic diet for weight loss and why your search for the optimal diet to help you lose weight is over.

The Perfect Fat-Burning Diet - How Keto Works

Many diets ban certain foods to reduce your caloric intake, but the keto diet has an actionable goal. By keeping the carbohydrates you consume each day down to a minimum, your liver starts burning stored fat rather than sugar and carbohydrates. This process, called ketosis, doesn’t just let you temporarily burn fats - it converts your body into a fat-burning machine, teaching it to rely on fats for all of its energy until you choose to eat sugar or carbs again.

Why is the Ketogenic Diet so Great for Weight Loss?

Whether your favorite celebrity or athlete is touting the benefits of the keto diet or you’re more interested in the science that backs it up, there is a lot of proof that keto is the key to achieving your weight loss goals in a healthy way. Once you’ve taken the time to reach ketosis, weight loss will soon follow as your body seeks fats to burn for its daily supply of energy. Explore some of the reasons why keto is the way to get it done when it comes to getting rid of troublesome fat on your body.

The Real Culprit Behind Weight Gain is Carbohydrates

If you’re someone who has tried multiple diets in the past, you’ve probably attempted a low-carb diet and may have even lost weight on it. The reason that any low-carb diet will contribute to weight loss is due to one simple fact - it’s sugar and carbs that cause you to gain weight, not fat. The keto diet maximizes this concept by virtually eliminating the processed carbs from your diet, ensuring that only minimal carbs from veggies are entering your body.  

Keto Reduces Ravenous Hunger Cravings

Sugar levels affect many aspects of your body and how it functions. First, it’s crucial to understand that sugar is extremely addictive - when your body gets accustomed to intaking a large amount of sugar, it expects a similar amount of sugar again. When it doesn’t receive the heaping intake of sugar it expects, that’s when your brain sends signals of starvation and intense cravings can occur. Since committing to keto breaks the chain of sugar addiction, it puts an end to the cravings which cause you to make bad dietary decisions.

You Avoid Sugar Crashes on Keto and Have More Energy

Another trait of diets high in carbohydrates is that they make you lethargic. Everyone can relate to the tiredness you feel after eating a big, carb-heavy bowl of spaghetti, cereal, or some other grain-based food. Luckily, the science behind why carbs make you lethargic is pretty straightforward.

Why Do Carbs Make You Tired? A Step-by-Step Process

  • When you eat carbs and sugar, it breaks down and enters the bloodstream.

  • Simple sugars cause a rapid spike in your blood sugar.

  • That spike is followed by a drop that makes you feel tired and lethargic.

The fact that keto circumvents that process means no spikes in your blood sugar and therefore, no more severe drops either. The feeling you get from no longer being at the mercy of your blood sugar is one that is a lot more balanced and regulated. This stability makes it much easier to choose your foods wisely and control your appetite without sugar cravings.

You Get to Eat Very Well On the Keto Diet

Another advantage keto has over so many other diets is its sustainability. While many diets become a chore due to their severe restrictions on foods, calories, or other factors, keto allows for all cheeses, meats, and vegetables to be fair game in your diet. This means rather than starving yourself or eating only unfulfilling foods, keto allows you to have foods like these:

Keto Tacos with Cheese Shells

Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Easy Cheesy Zucchini Gratin

Keto Weight Loss Recap - 4 Solid Reasons

  1. It’s carbs that cause weight gain, not fats.

  2. Since you’re avoiding sugar, you don’t get the intense cravings caused by sugar addiction.

  3. On keto, you bypass the blood sugar spikes and crashes caused by simple carbs.

  4. Other than reducing your carbs, you can eat well and never starve yourself on keto.

Put an End to Your Excess Fat with the Ketogenic Diet

With medical purposes and various uses for world-class athletes, keto is much more than another low-carb diet. But as a weight loss diet, it works phenomenally well, putting your body in a state that’s ideal for burning fat. Don’t expect your keto journey to be without its challenges - it may be difficult to overcome your own sugar addiction and adapt to ketosis at first - but for those who are serious about losing weight, the keto diet is the key to the body you know you deserve.