Deeply Involved - 4 Ways to Get the Most Out of the Keto Diet

Deeply Involved - 4 Ways to Get the Most Out of the Keto Diet

While many diets require you to follow simple rules for managing caloric intake, the ketogenic diet is different. To master keto, you must keep your carb intake low, but you also need a solid understanding of concepts ranging from ketosis to glucose and insulin. Indeed, your keto journey will very likely be a learning experience that will boost your knowledge of nutrition, anatomy, and the way your body functions. Explore these four ways that you can take your involvement and knowledge of the keto lifestyle to the next level.

Why Deepen Your Knowledge of Keto?

The best reason to expand your knowledge of the keto diet is that more knowledge will help you to better navigate its challenges. For example, if you or a friend is a few days into keto and feels nauseous, they may abandon it if they don’t know what’s going on. But if you’re knowledgeable on the keto diet, you’ll know that keto flu is common early on, and can often be cured by increasing salt, water, and fat intake. Boosting your keto knowledge is like clearing your path so you can use it to better reach your fitness goals.

1. Keto Facebook Groups

What do you use Facebook for most often? With 1.4 Billion active users, Facebook serves a lot of purposes for a lot of people. One feature that can help you get more involved in a wide range of topics, including keto, is Facebook Groups. Starting or joining a Facebook Group can broaden your feed to include posts by those who are interested in the same topics as you. If you follow the ketogenic diet, join a Facebook group to get more involved and deepen your knowledge and love for the keto lifestyle.

10 Notable Facebook Groups for those on Keto

Some groups will be closed, meaning you have to answer a few questions or be accepted before joining, but many Facebook groups are free for anyone to join and post. If you’re ready for more keto posts on your Facebook feed then consider joining any or all of these groups:

  • Keto Recipes (238K Members)

  • Keto for Beginners (282K Members)

  • Keto Ninjas (232 Members)

  • Keto Badass Babes (37K Members)

  • Women on Keto (111K Members)

  • Obscene Keto (8K Members)

  • Keto Moms Group (2.7K Members)

  • Keto Reset (23K Members)

  • Keto Diet Blog Support Group (49K Members)

  • Keto Instant Pot Community (45K Members)

2. Keto on Reddit

With over 8 million contributors to its many forums known as subreddits, Reddit shouldn’t be underestimated as a source of knowledge of any kind. Unlike any other site out there, Reddit invites people to post their most personal, desperate, or shareable ideas and stories, making them available so others can read and comment. The keto community is very strong on Reddit, making it an excellent place to share and acquire knowledge about the ketogenic lifestyle.

Where to Look for Keto People on Reddit

The advantage of Reddit is that it’s purely content-based, so you can read deep, detailed opinions, tips, and stories that can inspire you to stick to keto or improve your knowledge. To get involved with keto on Reddit, simply find one of the many keto subreddits, read its rules, and peruse the topics until you find one where you want to post. These keto subreddits are a good place to begin your search:

3. Online Keto Communities

Certain people are so passionate about keto that they’ve written books, filmed documentaries, and have become outspoken influencers for the keto lifestyle. Often, their websites will offer a wealth of knowledge and resources for those who follow the keto lifestyle. Furthermore, their blogs, podcasts, and social media posts provide an ample forum for like-minded people to share their opinions, strategies, and experiences on the keto diet.

5 Useful Keto Gurus and Websites

  1. Robb Wolf - Keto blogs, podcasts, and resources from a renowned author

  2. Diet Doctor - Recipes, Keto Guides, and videos from a doctor and diet expert

  3. Caveman Keto - Keto Resources, recipes, guides, and videos

  4. Living La Vida Low-Carb - Jimmy Moore’s podcasts, blogs, and keto resources

  5. Ruled.Me - Arguably the most comprehensive keto resource on the internet

4. Keto Coaching and Consulting

How seriously do you take your weight loss journey?

If you don’t mind investing in a keto coach to provide all the info you need to burn fat fast, plenty of keto experts are out there awaiting your call. Keto is a deeply scientific diet, and a lot of factors and side effects can interrupt your progress. If you have trouble going at it alone, keto experts are available to troubleshoot your problems and ensure that you’re burning fat at the peak of your potential.

Concepts like insulin, glucose, ketones, and how keto leads to certain side-effects can be complex, and a keto coach or consultant can help you understand the process.

Keto Coaches and Consultants

My Keto Coach - 1-on-1 Keto Coaching Sessions and Keto Resources

Richardson Keto Consulting - Provides various diet consulting services

Stephanie “Keto” Person - A fitness and keto expert who provides coaching services

For Those on Keto, the Learning Never Ends

There is always more to learn about the subjects we’re passionate about in life. For those who want to attain their peak level of fitness, or at least slim down to a healthy weight, then understanding the keto diet is worth the effort. Take your keto knowledge further with resources that are readily available, and the obstacles that stop others will no longer halt your own progress. No matter our age or income, learning about the topics that benefit our lives is worth our time, and the science of the keto diet is no exception.