Exploring 6 Upcoming Food Trends of 2019

Exploring 6 Upcoming Food Trends of 2019

In 2018, we saw a rise in trends like intermittent fasting, deliverable groceries, and using food as medicine. With diet and fitness industries at an all time height of popularity, only time will tell which food trends will survive and thrive in 2019. Join us for an exploration of some of the newest dietary trends that are likely to be the next big thing.

Food Trends You’re Likely to See in 2019

While no one can predict the future, certain dietary trends are poised to become a lot more popular in the upcoming year. From new uses for foods to spices that can alter your mood, check out the trends that are on the verge of rapidly rising in popularity as 2018 draws to a close.

1. Foods and Beverages That Induce Sleep

Stemming from the fact that at least 30% of American adults claim they have insomnia--the inability to sleep--foods that encourage sleeping are expected to make a major resurgence in 2019. While a glass of milk has long been recommended before bed time to aid the sleeping process, new products like Dream Water are set to gain traction in 2019. Combining water with melatonin and 5-HTP, Dream Water is an example of the sleep-inducing products we’re certain to see more of in the upcoming year.

2. New Uses for Rare Superfoods

Superfoods are known for packing a lot of nutrients and versatility all into one food. While some superfoods like sweet potatoes and broccoli are more common, others, such as monk fruit, are just now gaining the recognition they deserve. With many foods growing in isolated parts of the world, it takes a lot for them to become mainstream in America.

Anyone want to try Jackfruit Vegan Tacos?

Like the monk fruit did this year, the jackfruit is poised to become popular in 2019. With its thick texture and hearty consistency, many vegans have begun to see the value of jackfruit as a meat substitute.  

3. Bug-based Foods

While bug-based foods, or entomophagy as it’s also known, have been around for a while, they’re in position to skyrocket in popularity next year. Fueled by the increasing cost and effort involved with daily meat consumption, there’s no denying that bugs are a highly available and affordable food source. Get ready for delicacies like cricket pizza and a Bee-LT sandwich, because you’re likely to see a lot more of them in 2019.

4. Foods Intended to Enhance Your Beauty

With the rising popularity of collagen peptides and MACA Powder, people are taking the “You are what you eat” adage to a whole new level. Collagen is naturally produced by your body, but production stops in your 20’s. Since it’s the material that holds your skin tight and prevents wrinkles, many people are drinking it as a collagen peptide.

Have You Had Your Maca Powder Today?

Backed by a roster of A-list celebrities, Maca Powder is the nutrient-rich and versatile food that some swear by as a beauty enhancer. Suitable for smoothies, baking, and as a topping for ice cream or oatmeal, consider trying Maca Powder for it’s fiber, iron, protein, fatty acids, and other crucial nutrients. Only time will tell if it also boosts your appearance.

5. Truly Healthy Ice Creams

Ice cream is traditionally a desert food that fit-conscious people avoid like the plague. But with the rise of good-tasting sweeteners like monk fruit, ice cream has been completely redefined. Brands like Skinny-Cow, Enlightened, and Halo Top are leading the charge by making fun flavors of ice cream that are low on calories but taste awesome. As these popular sugar substitutes become more prevalent, look for low-calorie versions of your favorite desserts in 2019.  

6. Bowl-based Foods are Bigger than Ever

What’s easier than putting all of your favorite ingredients into a bowl? From Mexican food to Japanese, bowl-based foods are more popular than ever. If the bowl craze has missed you so far, here’s what you can expect to see more of next year:

  • Acai Bowls

  • Taco Bowls

  • Rice Bowls

  • Buddha Bowls

  • Veggie Bowls

  • Beef Bowls

  • Quinoa Bowls

  • Ramen Bowls

Black Bean and Avocado Power Bowl


With simplicity and convenience on its side, bowl foods are finding their way into almost every type of cuisine, and they’re only limited by your own creativity. Consider trying a variety of bowl recipes until you find your favorites.

What Dietary Change Will You Make in 2019?

Whether you try jackfruit vegan tacos or indulge in low-calorie ice creams by brands like Enlightened, 2019 will be a year of new foods and creative ways to consume them. Will 2019 be the year that you go strict keto to stimulate weight loss or try to stick to a plant-based diet? Whichever trends you embrace in 2019, we wish you an excellent year of exploring the foods that appeal to you the most.