Finding Your Monk Fruit: Know the Best Products and Brands

Finding Your Monk Fruit: Know the Best Products and Brands

Whether it was mentioned in an anti-sugar documentary or you read it off the label of a new protein bar you tried recently, monk fruit is making its way into the mainstream foods and stores you love most. Now that you know that there are a lot of reasons that monk fruit deserves a place in your pantry, let’s explore the various brands and foods that provide this remarkable sweetener.

Switching to Monk Fruit - The No Calorie Sweetener

Whether you’re losing weight, trying to achieve your optimal level of fitness, or simply want to switch up your normal foods for healthier options, there are many reasons to switch to monk fruit. The simple fact that it significantly reduces the calories of any recipe where you use it to replace sugar makes monk fruit an option that is vastly superior for your health.

Monk Fruit Sweeteners - Differences to Consider

While it may seem like monk fruit sweeteners just contain extract from the plant and that’s it, that’s rarely the case. Since monk fruit is extremely sweet - over 200 times sweeter than sugar - a tiny bit of it goes a long way to sweeten your food. Therefore, a lot of brands see fit to add other sweeteners and ingredients to optimize the taste. That’s the main reason why different monk fruit sweeteners may have subtle differences in their flavor.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Monk Fruit Sweetener

  • Purity of the monk fruit - are there other additives?
  • Price of various brands - Are some more reasonably priced than others and why?
  • Availability - Which ones are available at your local grocery store?
  • Flavor - With varying flavors, which is the best for you and your family?

Monk Fruit Controversy - Why Nectrese was Discontinued in 2015

Although part of Johnson & Johnson’s reasoning for discontinuing their monk fruit sweetener is due to poor sales, a lawsuit over a claim they made about their product likely played a role. Making claims that their Monk Fruit Sweetener was “100% Natural”, it turned out that it contained only a tiny amount of monk fruit and was mostly comprised of man-made sweeteners like erythritol. This lawsuit shed light on the issue of what constitutes a natural product and tightened regulations for popular sugar substitutes.

3 Monk Fruit Sweeteners that Are Worth Trying

1. Lokanto Golden Sweetener

On the market for over a decade in Japan, Lokanto Sweeteners come in white and golden flavors, and both are primarily sweetened with monk fruit. This product is a combination of erythritol and monk fruit extract and does an excellent job at minimizing the otherwise strong aftertaste of the monk fruit. With a smooth taste and no calories, Lokanto Golden Sweetener is an excellent choice that won’t spike your blood sugar at all.

2. Monk Fruit in the Raw

A product that is quickly becoming the top choice for pure sweeteners, Monk Fruit in the Raw contains only monk fruit and one other natural sweetener, dextrose. Arguably the strongest advantage of this product is that it tastes very close to sugar - a feat in which many natural sweeteners missed the mark. Count on Monk Fruit in the Raw as a reliable, zero calorie option for sweetening your coffee, fruit, and other foods.

3. Kal Monk Fruit

The first difference you’ll notice about Kal Monk Fruit is that it comes in a convenient shaker bottle rather than bags or paper packets. Another unique aspect of Kal Monk Fruit is that it contains inulin, a natural ingredient that adds fiber into the mix. With a shaker bottle that lets you sprinkle or pour the quantity you need and the added bonus of fiber in the form of inulin, Kal Monk Fruit is a tasty and original variation of monk fruit sweetener.

3 Products That Are Sweetened with Monk Fruit

1. Luma Soda

Soda has become known as a liquid junk food in recent years, often becoming the first product that people quit when they want to lose weight. But as suggested by a recent article in Business Insider, monk fruit may be the key to saving the soda industry, and Luma Soda is leading the charge. Monk Fruit Ushers in a New Era of Healthier SodasSweetened with monk fruit and containing only 24 calories per can, Luma lets you enjoy soda again. Available in four flavors that soda fans will love, including Cherry Cola and Blood Orange, Luma is doing its part to revive a dying industry. If you’re curious about trying Luma Soda, ordering four 12-packs from their site gives you free shipping.

2. Bhu Foods Protein Bars

Since their inception, Bhu Foods has strived to provide innovative foods with all natural ingredients. This is why their vegan, keto, and primal protein bars and cookies are all sweetened with monk fruit. With creative flavors like Chocolate Tart Cherry Pistachio and Peanut Butter White Chocolate, you’re bound to find a favorite to bring with you to your workouts. For Bhu Foods, Protein Bars are Just the BeginningWhile Bhu Foods started perfecting their monk fruit recipes with their expansive line of protein bars, that has evolved into other fun and tempting foods that are also flavored with this natural, calorie-free sweetener. These options include granola, chocolate chips, cookies, and cookie dough. With a variety of foods that are healthier than their sugar-laden counterparts, Bhu Foods is a true innovator, using monk fruit in their products long before many other brands.

3. Enlightened Ice Cream Bars

Enlightened is a company that is producing ice cream products that are light and healthy, and they’re using monk fruit to make it happen. In addition to a variety of pints, Enlightened also makes a line of ice cream bars in fun, innovative flavors. With the calorie count boldly displayed on the front label of its products, Enlightened is making ice cream viable for the fitness crowd. Creative Flavors and Few Calories Ice cream treats are often seen as some of the most tempting of the cheat foods, but with flavors people will actually want to try, Enlightened is changing the game. From Cold Brew to Sea Salt Caramel, Red Velvet to Birthday Cake, the variety of ice cream bars is impressive, and the fact that they’re flavored with zero calorie monk fruit is just icing on the cake.

Join Bhu Foods in Switching to the Healthier Sweetener

Years ago, we at Bhu Foods learned about the many benefits of monk fruit and chose to make it the primary sweetener in our protein bars, cookies, and other products. This decision has led to the creation of food products that are available in a variety of complex flavors without the extra calories from sugar. This positive change can be made in your life as well - try switching to monk fruit and you’ll experience these remarkable health benefits for yourself!