Getting the Most Out of Summertime - Top Five Travel Adventures & More!

Getting the Most Out of Summertime - Top Five Travel Adventures & More!

Oh Summer, how I love you!  You are the embodiment of heat, fire, sun, fruit, and fun!  The days stretch to wrap their arms around whatever activities we might want to indulge in.

So ask yourself the most important question right now: “How can I best appreciate and take advantage of the beauty of summer!?”

These days were made for exploring the best nature has to offer - flowers, fruits, and festivities galore.  In this article we’re inviting you to indulge your senses and spirit, and to take flight into the beauty of the earth you have yet to discover.


What can be better than glow in the dark paint that your kids wanted to slather themselves with?  Well, I’ll tell you what - all natural glow in the dark plants and animals.  Welcome to the world of Avatar on our own planet earth.  The best places in the US to find this magic are fireflies in Great Smokey Mountains, Navarre Beach in Florida, off of the Hawaiian Islands, and Mission Bay and Torrey Pines Beach in San Diego.

Underwater Adventures  

There are so many amazing things to see under the sea.  It is a whole world of wow.  But now it gets even more interesting with activities like playing Jenga at the underwater oxygen bar in Cozumel, Mexico and mailing a waterproof post card from the first underwater post office off the Vanuatu Islands.  Or you could visit Europe’s first underwater museum off Lanzarote, Spain, or go on an underwater scavenger hunt when you sign up for Geocaching, the world’s largest scavenger hunt.

Volcano Picnics 

Forget only seeing the stars at night when you can go on a picnic at the Jaggar Museum on the Big Island of Hawaii and be on top of a volcano as well.  I mean really how romantic can you get?  Besides, you can also take your family on hikes, helicopters, and boat rides to get the best of this amazing spectacle.  Match fire with fire this summer in Hawaii - what can you do on this island that isn’t beyond amazing?!

Canyons Galore 

Of course, everyone has heard of the Grand Canyon!  You know that ginormous rock feature up to 270 miles long, 18 miles wide, and a mile deep. Well, there are more amazing sites like that in the American Southwest. Check out Antelope Canyon, featured in this picture.  Also in Arizona, you can find Wave Canyon.  In Utah, you can check out Bryce Canyon, a spectacular view of very large natural amphitheaters.

Sustainable Amusement Adventures

Super fun here we come!  And there will be no eco-guilt on this trip with through these amazing eco-parks.  You can zip line your way through paradise, go on rollercoasters in the jungle, climb waterfalls, and do crazy courage-building tree high obstacles, or maybe we should call them, opportunity courses. For adventures in the Northeast US try Ramblewild. For Costa Rica, Jamaica, and St. Lucia try Rainforest Adventures.

Home Sweet Home 

And of course, there is always our own backyard.  You might think I am joking with this comment, but often we can find the most satisfaction in appreciating the place we live right now. You have nature around you even if you live in a skyscraper and appreciating and connecting with that nature will give you a much deeper sense of inner peace and satisfaction in your surroundings.

Go, run wild like the wild things do.  Get out there and adventure.  And come home and connect to home sweet home with eyes of rapture too.