How to Manage Your Bhu Foods Subscriptions

How to Manage Your Bhu Foods Subscriptions


Hey, Scott Austin here in this video, I'm gonna show you how you can manage your Bhu Foods subscription.

Most of our products come with a subscription. So we just show you an example on a product page. You'll see here, the subscription boxes popped up and allows a one time purchase or a subscription, which saves you 10%. And you can select how often that product ships. So now let's assume you already have a subscription. I'll show you how you can manage that subscription ongoing, so you can change the address, change the quantity. You can suspend an order, all that good stuff inside the management portal. So in the footer, we have a managed subscription link, which will take you into the portal. And you can also just log into your account up on the header, using the login functionality and just log into your Bhu Foods account.

And on your account page, you'll see a managed subscriptions link and you click on that. It takes you into the portal for managing your subscriptions. So here, you'll see on the homepage your upcoming subscriptions, you can have more than one subscription with our store. And you can manage each of these orders. So let's look in these subscriptions tab and I have one subscription in my account right now, and I can click on that and see some details and some functionality that I have here. So here I can change the subscription that I have so I can change the quantity. Let's say, I want to order two or more. You know, I can change the quantity here and that'll affect your quantity for the subscription. Ongoing. You can also look at the next order date and you can change the order date. So you might not be home on the 11th of July.

So you want to change the delivery date around. You can do that, or you can just skip this order. Let's see you're on vacation during that week, and you won't be home to receive the package. You can just skip the order. Your subscription will stay. You'll just, won't have that one order shipped out. You can also change the frequency. So right now I've got this one being delivered every week. Maybe I wanna do every three weeks instead, so you can change your frequency and you can also change the address. So if you have more than one address in the system, let's say you have a vacation home in a regular home. You can under shipping addresses, create more than one address, and here you can have two addresses. So if I go back to my subscription, I can toggle between which addresses the subscriptions being sent to.

So right now it's being sent to this address and I can just select the, the other one at the bottom there and ship that address instead. So that gives you, you know, some of the ideas of what you can do with your current subscription. You can suspend an order or cancel a given order. If you're not gonna be in town, you can change the date. A specific order is going to be shipped. You can change the quantity. You can also add products, which I haven't shown you yet. So let's go to that. Under the subscriptions tab, I have active subscriptions that I can add product. So if you want to add to your current subscription, you can do that here. So there's lots you can do to manage your subscription and make it convenient around your schedule.

Thanks for watching.