How to Use Protein to Build Muscle Mass

How to Use Protein to Build Muscle Mass

From the time they’re little kids, many men grow up wanting a muscular physique. While this comes naturally for some and seems impossible for others, there are tried and true ways to maximize your muscle. Protein plays a major role, but consuming it isn’t enough to see the definition you want in your muscles. Discover what you must do to grow muscle and why protein is necessary for making it happen. 

Why Choose to Build Muscle? 

Almost everyone grows up with the essential knowledge of what it takes to build muscle. In its most simple form, the rule of “eat more protein and workout” covers the fundamentals of how to do it. So if building muscle is such a simple formula, why do so few people take the time and effort to do it? 

A Muscular Physique is a Labor of Love

The key to why such a small percentage of us take the time to build our bodies boils down to the time and energy it takes. To truly build muscle, you must not only workout but do it consistently while remaining motivated throughout the entire process. Those who love the gym, love the exercise and love themselves enough to believe it’s worth it are the ones who typically set themselves apart by growing a physique that others envy. 

Benefits to Strength Training and Building Muscle

You don’t have to look like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to reap the benefits of strength training. By simply keeping up with your workouts and giving it your all, these are some of the benefits you can look forward to: 

    • Enhances energy levels

    • Fights depression and builds confidence

    • Improves your ability to sleep

    • Improves brain function

    • Makes your body more durable and resilient to injury

How Protein Builds Muscle Mass

When you lift heavy weights, it creates tiny tears in your muscles. That’s part of the soreness you feel after a tough workout - your muscles have temporarily been broken down. After consuming protein, it breaks down into amino acids which seek to build the muscle back up. 

If there is plenty of protein available, your muscles will be built up bigger and stronger than they were before your workout. Repeating this many times leads to that highly coveted muscular physique. 

Protein Alone Isn’t Enough

If you consume protein shakes without accompanying them with hard workouts, they’ll help to conserve the muscle you already have, but you can’t expect your muscles to grow. Only by working out regularly and eating a balanced diet that includes ample amounts of protein will your muscles actually increase in size. Since the majority of your muscle is comprised of water, it’s also vital to stay well-hydrated before, during, and after your workouts for optimal muscle mass. 

Tips for Building Muscle the Smart Way

Many people want muscle but lack the long term dedication it takes to give your all at the gym multiple times per week. For those who put in the effort and want to see better results, these tips can help. Consider this advice on growing optimal muscle and see which of these tips can benefit you the most. 

Creatine Can Help You Workout Longer

There’s a reason why creatine is among the most popular supplements for bodybuilders. Creatine has the unique ability to help muscles retain water, which ultimately helps you extend your workout and the number of reps you can do. If you’re considering a creatine supplement, about 5-grams per day will provide the boost in strength and gains you’re looking for. 

Consume Protein Before and After Workouts

While eating protein after you’ve worked out is fairly obvious, it’s also recommended to consume up to 20g before you workout as well. By doing this, you encourage muscle growth to begin a lot sooner. Simply drinking a protein shake or having your favorite protein bar can give you the perfect amount of protein before your workout. 

Shoot for 10-15 Reps and Come Close to Your Point of Failure

If you’re wondering if you’re working out hard enough, there’s an easy way to tell. For muscle growth, it’s best to choose a weight that approaches your failure point after 10-15 reps. Your failure point is simply the last rep you can do without compromising your technique. Finding the optimal weight for each workout will help you get the results you want. 

Train Consistently at Least Three Times Each Week

Weightlifting can be seen as training your muscles, and taking a hiatus from training when you’re a month in can cause you to lose a lot of the progress you worked so hard for. If you’re serious about packing on muscle, it’s crucial to keep your workouts consistent so your progress doesn’t diminish. 

With Protein and Consistent Effort, You Can Grow Serious Muscle

The information you need to put on real muscle mass is readily available -- as are the weights and protein. The real fuel required to grow muscle is different - it comes from within. Even with the best forms of protein and a perfectly stocked gym at your disposal, they’re nothing without the desire and motivation to make your goal a reality. By combining all of these elements, you’ll be poised to take your physique to heights you never thought possible.