Prepare Your Ultimate Beach Body with Protein-packed Vegan Snacks

Prepare Your Ultimate Beach Body with Protein-packed Vegan Snacks

When was the last time you laid out under the sun? Summer is almost here, and with it, the opportunity for fun on your favorite beach. The vegan diet is excellent for slimming down, but maintaining muscle requires a steady supply of high-protein vegan foods. Finding high protein foods is the biggest challenge for vegans, but don’t worry, we got your back. You can have the athletic beach body you’ve always wanted while staying true to your vegan lifestyle.

Is It Possible to Be Muscular on a Vegan Diet?

If you’re thinking a vegan diet isn’t sufficient for giving you the muscles you need, think again. Vegan athletes ranging from UFC fighter, Nate Diaz, to tennis legend, Venus Williams know that a vegan diet is perfect for becoming a champion or defeating one. Still think the vegan lifestyle is for wimpy folks who don’t care about muscle? MMA champions like Mark Hunt and Ultramarathon record holder, Scott Jurek would argue otherwise. Veganism is clean, healthy, and ideal for elite form and function.

Which Vegan Foods are High in Protein?

Those who eat meat can find sufficient protein in every hamburger or hot dog they consume throughout the day. As clean-eating, Earth-loving vegans, we have to be a bit more artful about finding suitable protein sources. Once you know the top sources for vegan protein, there will be nothing preventing you from building the body you want without all of the nasty saturated fat and cholesterol of animal products. Here are 10 of the most valuable sources of protein available on the vegan diet:

  1. Tofu

  2. Peas

  3. Veggie Dogs

  4. All Types of Beans

  5. Quinoa

  6. Seeds

  7. Almond Butter

  8. Edamame

  9. Whole Grain Bread

  10. Tempeh

5 Snacks That are Ideal for Fit Vegans

If you’re a vegan who’s concerned with building muscle, finding a steady supply of high-protein snacks is vital to keeping your beach body on point. Portability is useful as well, since most of us are constantly on the go. Luckily, many passionate vegans are now sharing their best-kept secrets for turning a high-protein vegan diet into a pleasurable experience rather than a tedious task. Here are some examples:

1.      Almond Butter Celery Boats

Highly portable and versatile with little prep time, celery boats can deliver all the vegan protein you need. Consider loading them up with almond butter and topping them with your favorite nuts and seeds for a quick protein boost.

2.      Vegan PB&J

The vegan version of a PB&J uses high-quality nut butter with low-sugar jelly. Remember that at least 10g of protein can come from the 2 slices of bread that hold the sandwich together, and high-protein almond or cashew butter can be used for extra.

3.      Vegan Deli Wraps

A nutritious wrap can be a lifesaver for making fresh and convenient vegan snacks. For maximum protein, fill it with quinoa, vegan lunch meat, and tofu. Then add your favorite vegetables and vegan dressing for taste, and you have a well-balanced lunch you can take anywhere.

4.      Vegan Trail Mix

Trail mix is about as customizable as it gets, and vegans can fill it with all of the most potent sources of protein. Nuts and seeds will provide the protein while the dried fruits of your choosing can add some vitamins and flavor-enhancement. Consider mixing the ingredients in a lidded-tin for a high-protein snack that is perfect for busy vegans.

5.      Vegan Protein Bars

Traditional pre-packaged bars have earned a bad reputation for excessive sugar and additives. However, the popularity of veganism has created a market for organic vegan protein bars that are genuinely healthy and made from ingredients you can trust. For example, Bhu Foods Organic Vegan Protein Bars and Cookies are 100% aligned with the vegan lifestyle, and they come in creative flavor varieties to suit different palates.

Fuel Your Next Workout with Bhu Foods Vegan Organic Protein Bars and Cookies!

Getting your body prepared for beach weather can be a challenge, but the diet part doesn’t have to be. Preparing a few high-protein vegan snacks will ensure that you’re ready to eat healthy throughout the day, and supplementing your vegan diet with some Bhu Foods Vegan Protein Bars or Cookies is an excellent way to get the protein you need. For a fit vegan body this summer, let Bhu Foods help you!

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Few things bring likeminded groups of people together like the vegan lifestyle. With a shared respect for animal lives, a dedication to helping the planet, and a desire to keep our bodies fit and healthy, vegans are people with a lot of strong commonalities. Bhu Foods and PETA are organizations that provide different services, but ultimately share this vegan mindset. Join PETA and Bhu Foods in becoming vegan, and enjoy a clean, healthy lifestyle that paves the way for a better Earth.