Ready to Experience, Hands Down, the Best Vegan Ramen This Side of the Mississippi?

Ready to Experience, Hands Down, the Best Vegan Ramen This Side of the Mississippi?


Deep in central San Diego, in the neighborhood of Kearny Mesa, one can find the stunningly delicious Nishiki Ramen. Founded in 2015, it has only taken two years for Nishiki to make a name for itself as the best fresh ramen in all of San Diego — the best in California even.

When we say their ramen is mouthwateringly tasty, we are not exaggerating.

It’s that good.

Three words: freshly made noodles. Made in the restaurant, same day. Heck, you can even watch them make the noodles through a window that separates the kitchen from the seating area.

They serve a wide variety of ramens and have recently introduced a vegan option. On the menu, look for the vegetarian ramen. Don’t worry, they serve it vegan.

To make their vegan ramen, they use the vegetarian base and replace the noodles with alternative noodles that are made with vegan-friendly ingredients.

Do they taste different?

Let’s take the word of a non-vegan: Jonathan, our cameraman (good work Jonathan!), is an avid Nishiki fan. We’re talking dinner there at least once a week. At least. His favorite soup is the Chashu Ramen, although he tells us that he also loves the Smoke Bomb Black, which is famous for its garlic broth.

How did he describe the vegan noodles? “Better than the non-vegan kind. They are surprisingly good, comparatively light. I think I prefer these.” Emphasis his.

What better endorsement of a vegan dish than from a non-vegan?

There you have it, Nishiki’s vegan ramen is a soup that all will enjoy, no matter your lifestyle preference. To make it as clear as possible, we are under no obligation to like it. It’s just that good.

If you live in San Diego or you find yourself down here, please, please, please check out Nishiki. You’ll love it, trust us.

If you’d like to learn more about them, please visit their website or Yelp.