Serious about Getting Shredded? Keto Can Help!

Serious about Getting Shredded? Keto Can Help!

If you’re into staying fit, then it’s likely that you’ve tried a low-carb diet at some point in your life. From Atkins to Paleo, there are many popular diets that are driven by a very low intake of carbohydrates.

The ketogenic diet, or keto as it’s often called, takes the low carb diet a step further, using it as a method to produce ketones. As you enter a state of ketosis, the lack of carbs causes your body to burn fats, ultimately causing you to shed pounds at a rapid rate. Discover the power of ketones as we demystify the ever-popular keto diet.

What Changes When You Switch to Keto?

When you decide to switch to the keto diet, you’re essentially switching your body from burning sugars to burning fats. This is a major change that results in massive weight loss potential.

Who Does Keto and Why?

As the title suggests, keto is a phenomenal diet for athletes who are willing to go the extra mile to get shredded. Among those who are into keto are CrossFit competitors, weightlifters, and fellow athletes who want to get in the absolute best shape possible.

Ex-UFC Fighter Brendon Schaub Tweets that Keto has Changed his Life

Brendon Schaub is no stranger to pushing his body to the extreme in the name of fitness. Retiring from the UFC with a 10-5 record, Schaub is one half of the popular Fighter and the Kid Podcast with comedian Bryan Callen. Seeing the results he achieved by following the keto diet prompted him to write this in a tweet in 2016:

As one of the most outspoken supporters of the keto diet, Brendon Schaub continues to spread its popularity on his rapidly-growing podcast, The Fighter and the Kid.

Comedy and Podcasting Legend, Joe Rogan Discusses Keto

Whether you know Joe Rogan as the host of Fear Factor, as a stand-up comedian, or as the announcer for UFC events, he’s also known as one of the original and most successful podcasters of all time. As an MMA insider, Joe Rogan is privy to the secrets that they use to get in top form in record time. One of those topics which he’s publicly discussed in multiple episodes, is the keto diet. If you’re curious about his perspective on keto and how it affects your body, listen to any of these clips from his podcast:

Listen to Joe Rogan Discuss the Ketogenic Diet

Entering a State of Ketosis - The Goal of the Keto Diet

You’ve seen how the keto diet has captured the attention of athletes and fighters - now it’s time to find out why. Rather than most diets that simply cut calories to lose weight, keto has the goal of retraining your body to use ketones as its main source of energy. Learn more about this process, how it works, and what it does for you.

Your Liver Turns Fat into Ketones

When you have a deficit of carbohydrates, your liver processes fat and turns it to ketones and fatty acids. These ketones pass into your brain and become your body’s main source of energy.

Entering Nutritional Ketosis

After enough time spent with ketones providing your primary source of energy, your body will enter a state known as nutritional ketosis. Nutritional ketosis is the state where your body is effectively burning fats as their primary source of energy. Achieving this state is the ultimate goal of the keto diet - it’s in this state where your energy levels will peak and you’ll burn fat at a more rapid rate than ever before.

How Long Does it Take to Enter Ketosis?

Although it may sound complex, it doesn’t take long to enter a state of ketosis. Most healthy people will enter ketosis after just a few days of consuming less than 50 carbs per day. That may sound like a decent amount, but 50g of carbs is equal to just three slices of bread. Ultimately, if you’re willing to omit the carbs from your diet, then you can experience ketosis within a week or so.

What Do You Have to Keep Track of on Keto?

Unlike diets like veganism or paleo, accurately following keto requires you to track your carbs and ketone levels. Learn more about why it’s necessary to track these factors and how you can test for them.

Tracking your Carbs

The entire purpose of the keto diet is to switch to a state where you’re burning fats, otherwise known as ketosis. Due to the deceptive amount of carbs found in food, tracking them is a necessity to ensure that you are eating as efficiently as possible. Here are some tips and guidelines for consuming as few carbs as possible:

  • Non-starchy vegetables have about 5g of carbs per cup if eaten raw

  • Non-starchy veggies include onions, leeks, asparagus, and green beans

  • Potatoes and yams are avoided on keto because of their high carb content

  • Many fruits contain 5g carbs per ¼  cup

  • Low-carb fruits include blackberries, cantaloupe, coconuts, and strawberries

  • White bread typically contains 12.7g of carbohydrates per slice

Testing Your Ketones

The other factor that most people choose to track while on the ketogenic diet is their level of ketones. This is done with the use of Ketostix or a similar product that tests your urine for ketones. Using this product simply requires you to test your stream of urine and results are visible within seconds. The results are then displayed as a color which will match up with a scale shown on the box - this will give you a solid idea of how close you are to ketosis.  

3 Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

From decreasing triglycerides to boosting brain function, there are a number of reasons why people commit to the keto diet. Here are three that are most important to athletes and those trying to get as fit as possible.

  1. Train your body to burn fats instead of carbs

When your body is burning fats rather than sugars, you can expect to drop weight at a rapid rate. Furthermore, you’ll start to notice decreases in fat from difficult to control areas, such as your abdomen and love handles. For these reasons, keto is arguably the best diet for shedding pounds and getting shredded.  

  2. Preserve your protein levels

Unlike high carbohydrate diets, the ketogenic diet is also exceptional for preventing your body from burning protein. Once you’ve decreased carbs to the point where you enter ketosis, your body prioritizes ketones over glucose. With enough fat to burn, your body doesn’t need to oxidize protein to produce glucose. In layman's terms, this means that keto will maximize the amount of protein you consume, preventing it from being wasted.

  3. Suppress appetite on the keto diet

While a high-carbohydrate diet increases your appetite, it’s much better regulated on the keto diet. This is due to how the body processes and converts carbs into energy. In a carb-heavy diet, the body becomes accustomed to higher carb intake and burns them quickly, causing your appetite to increase. On the keto diet, you’re consuming fats more than other macros, and since fat contains 9 calories for every gram, your body is much more satiated on a high-fat, low-carb keto diet.

Try Keto and Get Shredded Like Never Before

Low-carb diets have been around for decades, but keto offers benefits not provided anywhere else. Completely transforming the way your body produces energy, keto is a revolutionary diet that takes advantage of your body’s digestive processes to help you burn fat. If you’re ready to see what the hype is all about, then minimize your carbs, get some Ketostix, and prepare to enter a state of ketosis - this will put you in position to get more shredded than ever before.