Vegan Protein Cookies

Vegan Protein Cookies

Very few sweets delight like the taste of freshly baked cookies. Their rich, melt in your mouth, sugary taste has yanked many an earnest soul off the challenging path to health and wellbeing. No dentist on the planet is skilled enough to extract the sweet tooth of a die-hard sweets lover. What is a sweets lover to do?

Bhu to the rescue! Luckily our mission at Bhu is to help such tormented souls transition away from sugary snacks by offering super-food alternatives. In the past year, we been burning the midnight oil in our test kitchen, to come up with the most delectable KETO, vegan, gluten free, organic, non-gmo, high fiber, sugar free organic cookies. They come in two delicious flavors (if we do say so ourselves!) chocolate chip and double dark chocolate chip.

Made from local organic cashews, a blend of organic pea and brown rice protein, red palm oil and our own proprietary formulation of organic monk fruit sweetened chocolate chips the flavor and health properties of our cookies are unmatched. Rice and pea isolate proteins are powerful on their own. But mixed together, they're the first complete vegetarian protein that can compete with animal proteins and meet the demands of competitive athletes!

With ten grams of protein, zero grams of sugar and eight to nine grams of fiber, there is no denying the new bhu cookies are not only a guilt-free dessert, but also a recovery snack, a meal replacement, and on the run snack for healthy parents and a lunchbox choice for their kids. Try these vegan protein cookies today!

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