The Vegan Superfood that Beets All Others!

The Vegan Superfood that Beets All Others!

Over the years, beets have gotten a bad rap. However, these unsuspecting root vegetables are actually one of the most underrated vegan superfoods around.

The Background on This Hidden Superfood

Highly prized since Ancient Roman times for its medicinal properties, beets have evolved beyond kitchens to clean blood and heal wounds as well as aid digestion and elimination.  Today, this root veggie is valued by vegans, trainers, and other individuals looking for a low calorie superfood that packs a nutritional punch.

Compared to other root vegetables, beets have a uniquely high nutritional content, serving as a source for important vitamins and minerals like carotenoids, glycine, betaine, fiber, iron, copper, and more. While beets are technically vegetables, they also contain the highest sugar content among vegetables and can be used as a healthier substitute for cane sugar.

Beets also contain high levels of folic acid and manganese, making them great for expecting mothers.  Beet greens are very high in vitamin A and K.  The nitric acid in beets has been proven to lower blood pressure, and boost stamina for increased workout times.  Eye function can improve through the carotenoids in beets.

Eating Beets the Best Way

So with all these health benefits, why did beets become a B-list veggie?


Over the years, beets have gotten a bad rap, particularly due to the growing popularity of canning which can make beets feel mushy or less than tasty looking. Studies have shown that certain cooking processes also diminish the vegetable’s nutritional value, leaving people with an unappetizing and nutritionally deficient food.

While experts suggest that beets are best when served raw, there are a ton of other ways to sneak this vegan-friendly superfood into your diet:

Snack on Raw Beets

Almost all experts agree – raw beets are the best way to take advantage of the full nutritional value offered by this vegetable. While it may look intimidating in the grocery aisle, preparing raw beets is fairly simple – just peel and slice into the thin strips or grate them for a salad. A word to the wise – beet juice is also a natural food coloring and may leave your fingers, hands, and cutting board a beautiful magenta shade. To get beetroot stains off your hands, start with dish soap and if that doesn’t work, rub the stained area with the raw, open part of a potato (it works!).

Beet Juice

If you’d rather drink your nutrients than chew them, raw beet juice is a very powerful, easy way to get all the vital nutrients, detoxification, and healing benefits from beet to body.  Go back to the basics and treat yourself to some ABC juice - apples, beets, and carrots.  This juice is refreshing, nutrient rich, and very energizing.  You deserve a drink that creates long lasting health.   Cheers!

Steam the Beets

Still want to cook your beets? The best way to cook this root superfood without losing the nutritional content is to steam them. If you don’t have a steamer, fill a pot with about an inch of water then toss in your beets. Cover and let steam for a few minutes then remove from heat and enjoy.

Have a sick beet recipe? Make your best meal with this vegan superfood and share it with the BhuFit Tribe. We love learning new ways of incorporating great foods into our vegan lifestyle.