5 Ways for Weight Domination this Holiday Season

5 Ways for Weight Domination this Holiday Season

The holiday season is without doubt one of the hardest times for people to lose weight! Heck most people would be happy if they didn’t gain weight during the holidays, yet alone lose weight. Here are a few tips that will help keep you from packing the pounds on over the next few weeks.


Plan and Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

Avoiding alcohol all together is your best bet, but with holiday parties this may not be realistic. Planning when you will consume alcohol and restricting it to a select few designated events or parties is your best strategy. During the holidays it's easy to fall into the trap of having one or two glasses of wine at a friend’s secret Santa party, one or two glasses at a work party, and then again at your spouse’s work party. At the months end those excess calories add up. Declare NOW the occasions and events that you will drink at.


Plan and Limit Your Dessert Options

Dessert around the holidays often represents the biggest influx of additional calories. Just like with alcohol plan and limit your dessert consumption. This doesn't mean to not have any dessert, just make sure to have the good stuff and really enjoy it. Avoid the small indulgences that add up, the Hershey kisses, the left over chocolate covered pretzels, etc. These are the foods that are easy to nibble through without realizing it. Instead, make those calories count and eat your very favorite holiday desserts.


Consider Intermittent Fasting

If you know you have a big feast coming up consider skipping breakfast to make room for the excess calories at that party. Many people believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, however it's now commonly understood that your body doesn't care when you get your calories or whether those calories are split into small meals or one larger meal.

dark chocolate

Have Your "Strategy Foods" Readily Available

Strategy foods are foods that allow you to feel like you're indulging without going off the deep-end. These often include dark chocolates 80 percent (or higher), no or low sugar protein bars like Bhu Fit Bars, or Kombucha instead of soda. Having these strategy foods allow you get your fix without actually indulging.


Keep Active

It should go without saying you should continue working out during the holiday season, yet many people stop completely. The holiday implosion is what forces many people to create unrealistic New Year resolutions. They're attempting to drastically rebound from weeks of inactivity and over consumption. Instead, keep up the physical activity so you enter the New Year with momentum.



*Article Written by Luke DePron